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Greetings to all music fans in California, it’s time to treat you and your friends to a great showdown this 2024! Sacramento, California on Saturday 7th September 2024 at Ace of Spades, it's coming - Zheani!

This adrenaline-fueled concert is a sure fire way to breathe some thrilling entertainment into your night because Zheani will be hitting up Sacramento like a hurricane! Don’t worry, it will be the good kind of show because Zheani is slated to bring down Ace of Spades with her smashing titles! These hits not only went viral but also conquered the charts across North America! Now you have the opportunity to watch them LIVE as Zheani lights up the stage on Saturday 7th September 2024! You’re guaranteed to have a insane hit-bonanza that you can sing along to Zheani’s excellent back catalog!

This one-time-only concert is part of Zheani’s newest outing that will hit all the biggest territories! The trek is pretty much selling out at the biggest entertainment venues due to great demand! But, lucky fans in California may still get some exclusive seats! So don’t hang around too long now; press that "Get Tickets" button now before there's none left!

Make it as loud as ever because Zheani will rock this fall with blitzing musical scores on Saturday 7th September 2024 at Ace of Spades, Sacramento, California. The mindblowing musical euphoria will be the center of the night as they fill the venue with their bewitching charms that will put the audience in a musical trance. With their fiery music and sky-rocketing vocals, Zheani will be kicking it off with the fierce performance, hitting the music that is beloved by fans.

The widespread success of Zheani catapulted them to the musical spotlight as they gift the fans the outstanding experience for a musical sway courtesy of their musical mastery. Winning awards from multiple musical platforms, Zheani is now ready for some pop-rock action as they go off live, this time for the fans ready to jam. From slashing guitar riffs to progressive basslines, they will be rocking the night with mesmerizing styles as they showcase their headbanging music to everyone.

Zheani will be bringing their top tracks for this night of pure pop-rock experience. Backed with a colorful discography, the fans will be coming for a treat with top music as they make it look easy on the stage, jamming with high energy. From the oldest to the newest tracks, it will not matter because Zheani will give the concert the all-out experience. Old gen or youngheads, everyone is welcome to the great musical fest as Zheani gathers the pop-rock deities for this peak performance that will put the fans in a musical dimension.

Ace of Spades will be the haven of the most awaited live performance featuring Zheani. From the high-tech lighting and sound system to high-class stage production, loyal fans will be in motion as they prepare the venue for a high-intensity musical rendition from the prime artist. Shout for joy and sing for praises as Zheani showcases the pop-rock experience for the fans jamming. Secure your tickets now!

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