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There’s no better place than Ace of Spades when you want to party the night away. This live-performance venue owned by LiveNation is one of the hottest music destinations in Sacramento. Hundreds of fans go there every opening night to catch the biggest names in music. From rock to hip hop, and everything in between, there’s always something going on at Ace of Spades! The Ace of Spades in Sacramento has is renowned by both locals and visitors for its intimate energetic atmosphere, eclectic lineup of artists and - of course - top-notch live music experiences!

At the heart of Sacramento's vibrant live music scene lies the iconic Ace of Spades. A pulsating epicenter of live music performances and unforgettable concert experiences! Surrounded by Sacramento's bustling Midtown district, the iconic Ace of Spades music venue is immersed by a tapestry of eclectic nightlife, rich history and a very vibrant music culture.

After you find the event you can’t miss we can help you book your tickets. That means you won’t have to miss out on catching the biggest shows of the season live. We’ll source the tickets for you at a great price, for your family, and your friends so you can be there on opening night ready to have some fun. We also provide all the information you need to make the most of your visit to The Ace of Spades. That includes parking information, nearby hotels and attractions, as well as the venues rules you have to follow.

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