Whitechapel at Ace of Spades

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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

If you're a fan of Whitechapel, mark your calendar for MAY 4, 2023!! It's the one and only Sacramento date for the heavy metal juggernauts at Ace of Spades. Get ready to experience the fierceness of WHITE CHAPEL's music LIVE and up-close! This concert event will feature high-octane tracks from their new album and their greatest hits, including brutality at its finest. It's sure to be a show that will rock you to your core and thrill you with their powerful riffs and pummeling drums. Don't miss out on the night of absolute metal MAYHEM and join Whitechapel for a night of unforgettable shredding. Live music is an experience like no other and Whitechapel is sure to make it a night you won't forget. Get your tickets now, and prepare yourself to LOSE YOURSELF in the wildness that is Whitechapel.

Whitechapel at Ace of Spades

Calling all music fans and -LIVE MUSIC EXPERIENCE- lovers to one of the hottest upcoming concerts of the year in Sacramento – WHITE CHAPEL is coming to Ace of Spades!!

ARMED WITH THEIR GREATEST HITS, rocking the stage with their nominations for BEST METAL ALBUM, they are sure to knock it out of the park!! This is a show that you don't want to miss and one to tell your friends about, come witness the performance of a lifetime!

Come enjoy the ACE OF SPADES, a one of a kind venue to witness some of the world's greatest musical sensations. Not only is the venue unique but breathtaking – located right in SACRAMENTO, an unforgettable live music experience awaits you.

Whitechapel, ENERGETICALLY, passionately, creating their own brand of metal and hard rock, has become one of the hottest bands of the decade. Their exhilarating title track ‘The Whistleblower' garnered them the Metal Album of the Year nomination, further adding to their already plentiful list of awards.

Get ready to experience wonder and amazement as Whitechapel brings their best and brightest. A night of MAGICAL entertainment awaits where you can OBLIVIOUSLY witness the precision and skill of some of the world's best musical performers.

Be there to WITNESS the stunning performance by Whitechapel. Everything is set, get ready to JAM with the best metal band in town. Come to Ace of Spades in SACRAMENTO and indulge in a night of phenomenal music and entertainment. DON'T WAIT – Buy your tickets now and get ready for a night of incredible music!

Whitechapel at Ace of Spades

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