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Hey fam, guess what's blazing up Sacramento this spring? Tribal Seeds is set to ROCK Ace of Spades on May 24th, 2024! The vibe is gonna be ELECTRIC, friends.

You KNOW how it is. The rhythm hits, the bass is deep - you can feel it echo in your chest. Every show is more than just a gig; it's a journey. Tribal Seeds live? It's the essence of reggae pulsing through your veins, under the SoCal stars.

They'll bring the hits, the deep cuts - "Love Psalm," "The Harvest," they're set to ignite the stage. Close your eyes, sway, and get lifted by those anthems we belt out in the shower.

The Ace of Spades venue itself is intimate. It's like the band's jamming just for us, the Tribal Seeds family. Mark your cal - May 24th is the date we UNITE.

Don't miss out. Grab your tribe, chase the high, get those tickets. Let's witness the LEGENDS live. See you at the front? 🌿🔥 #TribalSeedsLive

Hit up that link, score your spot, be a part of the magic! 🎟️✨


Yo, fellow reggae aficionados! Guess what? Tribal Seeds are bringing their rootsy vibes and intoxicating rhythms to Sacramento, and you'd be downright crazy to miss out. They're set to light up Ace of Spades on May 24, 2024, for a night that promises to be epic. Tribal Seeds' shows are a blend of pure energy and soulful tunes that'll have you swaying and chanting along till the wee hours. There's something magical about reggae music live, where the basslines rumble through your body and the lyrics speak directly to your spirit. The crowd will be a sea of positive vibes, dance moves, and irie feelings, all mixing to create an atmosphere that's both chill and electric. And don't forget the sea of hands waving to the rhythm, fans singing every word, and that sense of unity that'll wrap around you like a warm blanket. Reggae concerts are not just gigs, they're gatherings of peace, love, and music, man, and Tribal Seeds brings all that in spades.

About Tribal Seeds

Alright, if you haven't heard about Tribal Seeds yet, it's high time you did. These dudes are the real deal, pure reggae gold. Their music stems from a deep appreciation of roots reggae and rock, giving off this awesome fusion that resonates with your very soul. Live shows? They're like a whole 'nother dimension! I've seen them light up stages across the country and it's something else, man. Tribal Seeds are known for their powerful stage presence, with lead singer Steven Rene Jacobo and his brother Tony-Ray on the keys creating this intense energy that grabs you and doesn’t let go.

But, it ain’t just the vibe that's impressive; these guys have achievements to back up their rep. They've toured internationally, won awards, and their albums... they're masterpieces, topping Billboard Reggae charts more often than I've lost my keys (which is a lot). And trust me, hearing them drop hits like "Gunsmoke" or "The Garden" live, it's like they reach into the heart of reggae itself and pull out its raw beating essence just for you.

Ace of Spades Information

Now let's rap about Ace of Spades in Sacramento, the venue that's playing host to this can’t-miss event. Nestled in the heart of Sactown, this place is notorious for its killer sound system and intimate vibe. It's got all you could want from a venue; great acoustics, a vibe that just won't quit, and not to mention, drinks that'll help you ease into the groove. There's a reason why artists love playing here and fans love coming back for more. It's cozy enough to feel personal, yet big enough to gather a tribe of reggae lovers like us. Also, location-wise, you're smack dab in the middle of the city, which means after the concert, the night is still young, and the streets are bubbling with life.

Ticket Information

Alright, I know you’re itching to join the tribe, so here's the lowdown on scoring tickets. Sure, you could try your luck at the box office, but if you wanna lock down your spot with no hassles and, like, actually affordable prices, then look no further than Ticket Squeeze. They’ve got the low fees and the sweet deals that’ll make sure more of your cash goes towards those pre-concert munchies instead of annoying charges.

I’ve snagged tickets from them before and trust me, it’s smooth sailing – no pesky glitches, no last-minute panics. Just pure ticket bliss waiting to welcome you to the Tribal Seeds experience.

Don’t snooze on this, fam. Tribal Seeds at Ace of Spades is gonna be a high-octane night of rhythm and soul that’ll tattoo itself on your memories. Hit up Ticket Squeeze and get your hands on the golden ticket! May 24 is already calling out to every member of the reggae family – be there or be square! Peace, love, and see you at the show. 🌿🎶

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