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Hey Reggae Rock fans! Guess what's dropping into Sacramento come March 1st? THE EXPENDABLES are set to hit the stage at Ace of Spades – you know, that spot where the vibe's ALWAYS on point!

Get stoked 'cause this is the live show that’s gonna knock your flip-flops off. Imagine the thump of the bass, the grip of the lyrics, that rush only a live gig gives. This band, these guys have the power to whisk us away on a wave of pure adrenaline and solid jams.

Been dreaming of belting out "Bowl For Two" or "Sacrifice" with a crowd of kindred spirits around you? Here's your chance. These tracks aren't just songs, they're anthems, and hearing them LIVE? Unreal.

It's more than a concert, friends. It's a gathering of souls ready to groove and ride the high of The Expendables’ most electrifying hits.

So can I count you in? Grab your tickets NOW – don't be the one to miss out. Let's pack the place and feel the heat together! 🤘 #ExpendablesLive #AceOfReggaeRock

### Concert Summary

Alright, here's the lowdown, my fellow rock-n-reggae aficionados! Guess who's hitin' the stage at the Ace of Spades on the first of March in '24? Yeap, you got it! The Expendables are rolling into Sacramento for a night that's pretty much guaranteed to knock your flip-flops off. If you're like me, craving those vibes that you can only get with a live show where the bass is bumpin', the guitars wail like a siren song, and the crowd's energy could light up the city, then you know where you gotta be.

I'm talkin' about the kind of night where concertgoers come together like one big, happy, slightly dysfunctional family; a place where you can lose yourself in the music that just won’t let your feet stay still. Anticipate the cool Sacramento breeze mingling with the scent of beer and the electric feel in the air as everyone gears up for some epic performances. The Expendables are notorious for bringing the heat with a setlist jam-packed with all your favourite anthems, peppered with instrumental interludes that'll trip you out. If you're anything like me, I'm already buzzin' just thinkin' about it!

### About The Expendables

Now, let's rap about The Expendables 'cause these dudes are the real deal. Hailing from Santa Cruz, California, these guys been mashing up punk rock with reggae for years now, stirrin' up an audio stew that's just as tasty for the surfing crowd as it is for the mosh pit junkies. High on the list of their face-melting feats is their crazy endurance on stage. Seriously, these guys play like every show’s their last, pouring out all the passion and power they’ve got. Watching them live is kinda like being invited to the most rad party - and trust me, you defo don't wanna be the one hearing 'bout it the day after.

With albums that have torn up the charts and a rep for live shows that'll have you raving for days, The Expendables have clocked up achievements that'd make even the big players take notice. They’re legit headliners at major festivals and their tours? Full-on sellouts, bro.

### Ace of Spades Information

Now this joint, Ace of Spades, ain't any ol' dive. Naw, this place got style and a rep for being one of the sickest spots in Sactown for a gig. Nestled in the heart of R Street Corridor, it's not just a place to catch a show, it's a spot to make memories that’ll stick like that one catchy riff you can't get outta your head. The vibe here is cozy enough to feel each bass drop, yet loud enough to rattle your soul — a fine line that Ace of Spades struts like a pro.

The joint's got everything you need — legit sound system, a choice selection of drinks (hold up on those, though, drink responsibly, peeps!), and, of course, an atmosphere that just screams 'live music love affair'. As for getting to Ace of Spades? Piece of cake. It's right in the mix of downtown, surrounded by some equally cool spots to pre-game or chill out post-concert.

### Ticket Information

Okay, real talk — snaggin' them tickets. Roll up on the box office if you fancy, but here's a pro tip from someone who's been fleeced one too many times by ridiculous fees - hit up Ticket Squeeze. Fr, these guys have got your back with the low prices and even lower fees. It's like they understand the struggle of fork'n out hard-earned cash for a night of sweet tunes and they ain't here to play scavenger with your wallet.

You snooze, you lose, bud. These tickets are hotter than a bonfire on the beach at midnight, so you gotta move fast.

And there it is folks, your must-do guide for the ultimate concert escapade. Don't be the one kicking yourself when your homies are all swapping stories 'bout the epic night with The Expendables. Slide over to Ticket Squeeze, grab those tickets, and get ready to rock your socks off. Catch you at Ace of Spades! 🤘

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Ace of Spades

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