Shrek Rave at Ace of Spades

Shrek Rave Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Sacramento is ready for the most exciting event of the year. Shrek Rave is finally ARRIVING! Save the date, Saturday 3rd December 2022, and make sure you don’t lose-out on the most extraordinary show California has EVER seen. What’s more, Shrek Rave takes place at the breathtaking Ace of Spades, an all-time favourite, and host of some of the most timeless events of the decade. Tickets are selling fast, so set the date and bring your closest friends to an event you won’t forget. The clock is ticking. Get your tickets here and start planning your journey to Shrek Rave!

Shrek Rave at Ace of Spades

If you haven't heard about the biggest event of 2022, all over the internet and your socials, then you MUST have been on a very long holiday! It's all everybody seems to be talking about these days! The wait is finally over and Shrek Rave is now confirmed at the stunning Ace of Spades on Saturday 3rd December 2022! Ace of Spades is the perfect place for such a big event, generous parking, spacious and comfy seating, a wide range of food vendours, a warm and friendly atmosphere from the Staff and in close proximity to all the favorite bars and joints! Critics have been throwing out rave reviews all over the place, saying it's going to be the biggest night of December, and it'll no doubt be a big sell out as soon as tickets are available! Well before that happens, be sure to book your tickets now! Click 'get tickets' today to buy yours!

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