Shrek Rave at Ace of Spades

Shrek Rave Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

CALLING ALL OGRES! Grab your onions and pull on your swamp boots, 'cos the SHREK RAVE Concert is stomping its way to Ace of Spades, Sacramento on August 12, 2023. This ain’t no fairy-tale gig, folks! Dance your layers off to some of the GROOVIEST beats this side of Duloc!

Tickets are ready and waiting, don't snooze on 'em or you'll be left sobbing like Donkey on a lonely night. You know what they say – "Better out than in," so get out and get your concert TICKETS pronto, cos this is one TOUR nobody wants to miss!

Prepare to party, SHREKTACULARLY! Wrap your ears around remixed bops from the SHREK soundtracks, BANGERS spun by ANIMATION's sickest DJ's that'll have you shaking like a TWINKLE TOES TROLL! Remember that rockin' song from the movie "I'm a believer"? Imagine that, but next level, heavy SMASH HITS to send you straight back to your Shrek-loving roots.

So, pop on your greenest gear, ignite your ogre vibe and roll down to Ace of Spades to experience the most SHREKTASTIC concert EVER. It's gonna be an absolute fairytale BLAST. It ain't no regular tour, it's THE Shrek Rave Concert Tour; the only place where having a bit of ogre funk ain't no bad thing. You've got to see it…and feel it… to BELIEVE it!

Shrek Rave at Ace of Spades

Get ready to funkify your nerves, rad dudes and dudettes! Listen up! 'CAUSE THIS IS BIG. Straight outta Far Far Away, Shrek Rave Concert’s rockin' tour is hittin' Sacramento and you CAN'T MISS OUT!

August 12, 2023. Brace yo'selves for the most monstrously sick party in the universe. We're talking lights, we're talking music. It’s not JUST a concert. It’s a Lifestyle. An Experience. A memory waiting to be branded in your brain box. With green.

DANCE IN THE SWAMP of your dreams as the ogre-tastic tunes blast at the mighty Ace of Spades! The echoes of a Grammy award-winning titanic soundtrack will leave you swinging and swaying all night long. It’s sensory overload, baby.

Shrek. Rave. Concert. Three words that together promises a wicked whammy of far-out fun. It's an onion with many layers, man. Forget reality. We’re living the fairytale now.

And the MUSICAL GENIUS behind it all? Smash Mouth. They're gonna unleash the "All Star" within us all. Their pulsating beats whip up a frenzy that even Lord Farquaad can't resist.

Let's talk TICKETS. And they're hotter than Dragon's breath. Grab yours and join the party where unforgettable music collides with unmatched camaraderie. Trust us, dude, this is bouncier than Gingy on a sugar rush!

Thing is, it’s not just about the music, it’s about THE VIBE. It’s at the ace of all venues, THE Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California. This iconic spot's got history, man. It’s hosted legends, and it ain't stopping there.

Solid acoustics and an electric atmosphere that’ll make you feel more alive than Pinocchio when he became a real boy. It's got swag, it's COOL. It’s the place where your raving dreams can become reality.

WAKE UP, Sac Town! This epic venue’s gonna ooze energy and excitement like you’ve never felt before when that Shrek Rave Concert bursts onto the stage. Hop on the rollercoaster, it's TIME to RAVE.

Let’s make some NOISE and paint the town GREEN! Dive headfirst into the swampy sea of rhythm and euphoria. Ace of Spades, August 12, 2023. This ain’t no bedtime story peeps, it’s the rave of the century.

We know you don't want to be a Humpty Dumpty, sitting on the wall whilst the rest of us are livin' the dream. Get your TICKET now! Join us to ROCK, RUMBLE, and RAVE in the swampiest extravaganza the world has seen! Don't miss your chance to be part of the history! It's time to let your inner ogre OUT!

Shrek Rave at Ace of Spades

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