Sematary at Ace of Spades

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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California


Hey fam, it’s all going DOWN at Ace of Spades on May 11, 2024! Sematary is hitting Sac-Town, and you KNOW this is the gig to end all gigs.

That bone-rattling bass? Sematary’s gonna DROP it live. Those grimy beats? They'll get under your skin in the best way. And that voice, echoing the angst we’ve belted out in the shower a million times over? It’s gonna slice through the night like it's nothing.

We’re talking shivers down your spine when they hammer out the hits - "Grave Digger's Chant," and "Haunted House" will SURELY be on the setlist. Can you even handle “Deadman's Dance” in person? That energy, the crowd, that vibe — pure UNDEAD magic.

Picture this: lights dim, the first chord hits, the floor vibrates, and the place erupts. That’s what live should FEEL like. Immortalize your night with a story that starts with “I WAS THERE when Sematary shook the Ace of Spades…”

Don’t sleep on this. Grab those tickets before they're six feet under. You coming or what? #SemataryLive 🔥👻🎟️

Why choose any ordinary music venues when you could enjoy the very best of heavy metal at Ace of Spades, that brings the best in the field in Sacramento, California. The most iconic metal bands prefer to perform their outstanding events exactly on this stage since it provides everything that true fans like you deserve. Imagine having a wide-open space to dance the night away, having a wide range of refreshments from the fully stocked bar on-site, and enjoying an electrifying atmosphere that’s just right for these epic face-melting performances. Metal fans can’t go wrong with visiting Ace of Spades - see this for yourself.

Sematary at Ace of Spades

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