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Yo! You heard PVRIS is hitting Ace of Spades in Sactown on June 2? It's about to be LIT.

Lyndsey and the gang are bringing their unreal energy and synth-rock anthems right to our doorstep. Imagine "You and I" throbbing through that crowd. Or "What's Wrong" sending electric chills right down your spine. These tracks hit different live – it's an experience you gotta FEEL to believe.

The Ace of Spades intimate atmosphere? Perfect for feeling every heartbeat of the bass and those haunting vocals. And if "St. Patrick" doesn't get you jumping – check your pulse.

PVRIS shows are notoriously a visual spectacle too. So gear up for a night where tunes meet an ART SHOW.

Seats are like gold dust and trust me, you wanna be in that number feeling ALIVE. So what are you waiting for?

Jump on those tix before they ghost you. This ain't just another gig – it's THE gig. Let's show 'em how Sacramento does it!

Grab your tickets – it’s now or never, fam! 🤘🎤🎶 #PVRISLive #AceOfSpadesMagic

### Concert Summary

Yo guys, have you heard the big news? Pvris is hitting the stage at the iconic Ace of Spades in Sacramento and, lemme tell ya, it's gonna be a blink-and-you-miss-it kinda night on June 2, 2024. If you've never been to a Pvris show before, you gotta know their concerts are a freakin' mixture of divine melodies and a punch of rock that will make your heart pound like it's never pounded before. Expect an electrifying atmosphere where the crowd, with all their love for Pvris, comes together, singing back every chilling lyric.

I'm telling you, when Pvris plays, their sound fills up the space with a kinda energy that's raw and almost tangible. You'll see everyone jumping, the bright lights flashing, and those beats resonating straight through your body. Plus, you just know that frontwoman Lynn Gunn is gonna bring it with her insane vocals and stage presence. In short, if you're into a night where you can feel the thrum of the bass under your feet and get lost in a sea of synth-pop and rock fusion, you're in the right place.

### About Pvris

Pvris, ah, where to start with these awesome folks? Easily one of the coolest alternative rock bands out there, they've carved out their own spot in music with their unique blend of electronic-pop, post-hardcore, and dreamy rock. Seeing Pvris live is like witnessing some kinda magic. Lynn Gunn's voice hits you straight in the feels, and she owns that stage with a confidence that's just mesmerizing. And let's not forget how they turn their tracks into live anthems – it's almost spiritual, I swear.

They've blasted through the ceiling with their hits, toured all over the globe, and got nods from the big guns in the industry. There's no debating it, man. Pvris has a spine-tingling allure when they perform, and their live show experience is nothing short of being transported to another world.

### Ace of Spades Information

Now, about the Ace of Spades. Situated in the heart of Sacramento, this venue is basically the beating heart of the city's live music scene. Its reputation for intimate yet crazy vibrant shows is no joke. People who come here leave with stories that sound too good to be true. And the staff? Super cool and welcoming, ensuring that everyone has the time of their lives.

This ain't just a venue, it's a place where memories are etched in stone. It's easy to reach, lined with all sorts of bars, and surrounded by that artsy district vibe that only midtown Sacramento can deliver. Every corner of Ace of Spades has a story, and with its state-of-the-art sound system and killer acoustics, you’re gonna experience a concert that hits all the right notes.

### Ticket Information

Okay, guys, here's the deal with the tickets. You absolutely can hit up the box office at Ace of Spades, they're cool and you might get what you need. But real talk – if you wanna snag tickets without the insane fees and, like, last-minute panic, you gotta check out Ticket Squeeze. These peeps are lifesavers with their low prices and chill fees.

I swear, last time I thought I'd miss out on my favorite band, Ticket Squeeze came through like a hero with tickets when everyone else was sold out or jacking up the prices. Just sayin', they're probably your best bet to score some tickets and still have cash for a killer band tee.

So what are you waiting for? Let's make June 2nd the night to remember. Hit up Ticket Squeeze, grab those tickets before they're just a legend, and get pumped to experience Pvris like never before at Ace of Spades! Trust me, you do NOT wanna be the one hearing about it secondhand. Buy your tickets, and I’ll see ya in the middle of that glorious chaos!

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