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Ace of Spades

Experience the unmatched energy of rap as $NOT rocks Ace of Spades! Get your tickets for August 24th, 2024 in exciting Sacramento, California.

$NOT offers his popular tracks, including "GOSHA" and "BERETTA", promising a evening you can’t miss. Known for his lively performances, $NOT has taken over major stages across the country.

Join the crowd the thrill as he presents his eventful tunes LIVE! Don’t wait.

Prices begin at just $75. Hit the ‘purchase now’ button and Prepare yourself for a legendary show with $NOT at Ace of Spades. This is set to be a night full of vibes you won’t want forget.

Join the sensational $NOT live at Ace of Spades on Saturday, 24th August 2024 in Sacramento, California. The raw experience guarantees extraordinary sets by the famous rapper celebrated for his versatile flow.

$NOT comes his distinct style in person, delivering hits such as "GOSHA", "BERETTA", and "Mean". His recent album shows a great evolution in his music, highlighting innovative tracks like "beautiful". $NOT remains a central figure in the rap scene and continues to amass loyal followings.

Recently, $NOT has made headlines for dominating several charts and earning recognition from both listeners and reviewers.

Ace of Spades, located on 1417 R St in Sacramento, CA, is noted for its friendly setting and excellent surround-sound. the entertainment venue can accommodate about 1,000 people, making it ideal for an up-close music adventure. It has previously hosted top acts like Snoop Dogg and Wu-Tang Clan.

Tickets are on sale starting at $75. Reserve now through Ticket Squeeze for a trusted purchase experience. Owing to the performer's immense popularity, tickets are limited. Click the "buy tickets" button now to secure your place.

For more information, contact the venue directly at their official website.

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