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Ace of Spades

Step right into a spectacle of the fantastical, where riffs tear through the veil of the mundane, and Sacramento becomes the epicenter of the extraordinary. On Wednesday 24th April 2024, the storied Ace of Spades venue transforms into an electric cauldron bubbling with Nekrogoblikon's signature metal mayhem.

This isn't just a concert; it's a riotous gathering, a communion in the church of raw, unadulterated sound where goblins don't just skulk under bridges—they shred on stage, inciting a frenzy only music can conjure. Buckle up, California, for a night where the musical chisel carves up the monolithic temple of the ordinary.

From the moment you cross the threshold, you're no longer just you. You're part of a pulsating entity, riding the dragon of rhythm and chaos, dunking into the mosh pit's baptismal font. For a ticket price starting at just $54, you can claim your spot in this sound realm of fantasy turned full-throttle reality.

Don’t just hover at the edge of adventure. Dive headfirst into the uproar. Lace up your concert boots, and with a warrior’s click on the 'buy tickets' button, mark your territory in the saga that will unfurl at Nekrogoblikon. Witness the fire, join the horde, and be part of the legend. Secure your passage now.

Imagine the electricity in the air as the stage at Ace of Spades is invaded by a horde of mystical creatures, the heart-pounding drumbeats summoning the crowd into an orchestrated frenzy. This isn't just any concert; it's where fantasy collides with thunderous metal rhythms. It's a spectacle where Nekrogoblikon, the high lords of goblin metal, come to claim souls with their infectious sound. Picture the relentless energy, the riotous enthusiasm of the fans, and the raw power of live instrumentals. This, music aficionados, is where the essence of a Nekrogoblikon event materializes, and it's happening on the 24th of April, 2024.

About Nekrogoblikon

Nekrogoblikon stands at the apex of offbeat metal bands, wielding their musical sorcery to enrapture fans across the USA. An irresistible fusion of brutal and satirical lyrics, they've left a permanent mark on metal's storied mix. Though the goblins themselves haven't snagged a Grammy yet, they've cultishly captured hearts, making every stage they grace an epic battle ground where music is their weapon and we are all willing casualties. The recognition they've amassed isn't shackled by awards—it's in the exuberant cries of those that witness their spectacle.

Ace of Spades Information

Carved into Sacramento's pulsing heart, Ace of Spades stands as the bedrock of concerts that stick with you, long after the last chords reverberate off the walls. It's not just about the acoustics that meticulously wrap around each lyric belted out, it's the legendary intimacy the place offers between artist and audience. Through sheer spectacle and audio-visual mastery, it has become a sanctuary for those in search of musical transcendence. Should questions arise before you venture into this scenic hall, the venue welcomes your inquiries with open arms—all contact details are easily found with a simple search.

Ticket Information

For the audacious spirits craving to witness Nekrogoblikon's onslaught, securing your passage to this otherworld is a venerated act. Commence your quest by acquiring tickets through the esteemed fortress of commerce, Ticket Squeeze. One click on the "buy tickets" beacon and you're on your way—not just to a concert but to a fervent pilgrimage. With tickets starting from $54, your admission to a legend in the making is but a few noble strides away. Remember, heroic souls, to prevent the horror of sold-out disappointment, early acquisition is highly advocated. Choose wisely, choose securely, choose Ticket Squeeze.

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Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades, Sacramento, California, 95811, US