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Hey soft rock aficionados and yacht rock lovers, aboard the smooth sailing vessel of Mustache Harbor! 🎸 Our beloved purveyors of '70s and '80s decadence are anchoring ashore at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, THE place to be on January 20, 2024.

Picture it: the twinkle of disco balls, the crowd swept away on waves of nostalgia as mustached maestros serenade us. The anthems we ADORE, the ballads that stir our SOULS - they'll all be there. We'll ride high on the harmonies of "Baker Street," float away with "Sailing," and let loose during "Ride Like the Wind."

And it's not just about the hits - it's the live SHOW. Mustache Harbor is an OASIS of riffs, an ARCHIPELAGO of smooth. Those harmonies! The charm! Their shows? An ESCAPE from the ordinary - a NIGHT OUT with friends or your special someone.

Ready to bask in the glow of their captain’s hats and white blazers? Then grab your tickets pronto and let's set sail together into a night you'll reminisce about EVEN in the distant future. Get your tickets NOW and let's make waves! 🌊🎟️

### Concert Summary
Alrighty folks, hold on to your yacht-rock dreams 'cause the smooth-sailing band Mustache Harbor is bringing their impossibly tight white pants and luscious locks to Ace of Spades in Sacramento. Mark your old-school calendars, because on January 20, 2024, it's time to set sail on a musical voyage you won't soon forget. When these dudes hit the stage, it's like a freakin' time machine back to the 70s and 80s when yacht rock ruled the airwaves.

Expect to be blasted by a tropical storm of classics that’ll have you singing louder than your drunk uncle at a family get-together. Tunes so catchy, they're like Velcro for the soul. Between the groovy beats and the face-melting keytar solos, it's a wonder the roof doesn’t blow right off the joint. Push aside the weekday blues; it’s time to don your captain's hat and get ready to party like the tide is high and the living's easy.

### About Mustache Harbor
Let me spell it out for ya, Mustache Harbor ain't just any cover band. These cats are authentic purveyors of the smoothest tunes known to mankind. They didn’t just jump on the yacht-rock bandwagon - they built the darn thing. Achievements? Buddy, they’ve got more achievements than a 70s Casanova's got love letters. Their claim to fame is turning every song into a personal serenade – like every note’s plucked just for you.

Now, we're talking about a live show so dazzling, so brimming with pizzazz, it’ll knit your socks back together just to knock 'em off again. The boys have carved a niche so deep, they're practically living in a musical chasm of radness. When that first chord hits, it's an eargasm that'll take you straight to flavor town – and yeah, that’s a groovy place, my friend.

### Ace of Spades Information
Nestled in the bustling heart of Sacramento, Ace of Spades is a venue that doesn't just play host to the music – it embraces it, like a long-lost lover reuniting at a sea port. Its reputation? Stellar. The crowds? Electric. The vibe? Intoxicating as a fresh sea breeze. With impeccable acoustics that could make a dolphin weep and a décor vibe that’s as chill as a beachside bonfire, it’s no wonder fans and bands alike are stoked to experience it.

From the moment you step in, you become part of the fabric of an unforgettable night due to unfold. What's it gots to offer? More than just a shoulder to cry on when the ballads hit – it's the whole emotional enchilada, served with a side of camaraderie and fist bumps.

### Ticket Information
You ready to snag your boarding pass to paradise? Listen, the box office is cool and all, but if you're lookin' to sail the seas of savings, Ticket Squeeze is where it's at, amigo. Low prices? Check. Low fees? Double-check. It's like finding an unopened bottle of top-shelf rum in your thrift store blazer – a pleasant surprise that keeps getting better.

Ditch the scurvy line-ups at the box office and drop anchor at Ticket Squeeze. Why swim upstream when you can float downstream on a raft of deals? It’s where the savvy sailors are scoring their tix to ride the waves with Mustache Harbor, and you're invited to join the flotilla.

If you're craving a night of nostalgia, catchy licks, and camaraderie, don’t miss out on this bona fide beacon of good times. Sail over to Ticket Squeeze and grab your tickets before they disappear into the Bermuda Triangle of sold-out shows. See you at Ace of Spades, shipmates! 🎸🛳️🎤

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