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Discover the rhythms of Latin America right here in Sacramento with Monsieur Periné's fiery concert at the Ace of Spades on Saturday, May 25th, 2024! Experience the unique blend of sounds from cumbia to swing and jazz that have taken this eclectic group from Bogotá to the global stage. Dance to the very beats of their smash hits like "Bailar Contigo" and "La Sombra," and become part of a celebration that's as colorful as the band's rich cultural mix.

For an extraordinary night, get your tickets starting at just $57. Be transported by the striking stage visuals that perfectly capture the spirit of their vibrant performances. Monsieur Periné's accolades, including a Latin Grammy, are a testament to their musical mastery. Their creative fusion will ignite the Ace of Spades, creating a sensory spectacle with songs that have captured hearts around the globe.

Don't miss out on this sensational evening. Click the 'buy tickets' button now for your passport to a world where every note tells a story and every melody invites you to move. Let Monsieur Periné elevate your spirit through their Grammy-winning sound—an event that promises more than just a concert, but a cultural fiesta that resonates with joy.

Prepare to parttake in a delightful evening of musical extravagance as Monsieur Periné takes the stage at the renowned Ace of Spades. As you enter, the vibrant pulse of Latin-inspired rhythms will envelop you, transporting every attendee to a space that throbs with life and rhythm. Visuals of cultural fusion adorn the space, embracing everyone in a festive atmosphere. Enthralling the audience with eclectic sounds that weave through the air, the concert promises an evening of memorable emotions, from the heightened anticipation before the first note to the exhilarating finale that will leave hearts pounding and spirits lifted.

About Monsieur Perine

Monsieur Periné, a band revered for its innovative blend of Latin music with jazz and pop influences, delivers performances that resonate with effervescent energy and artistry. Their unique sound has garnered prestigious accolades, including a Latin Grammy Award, accolades which testify to their unparalleled talent and creativity. Attending a Monsieur Periné event is to witness a showcase of brilliant musicianship and vibrant storytelling through song. Revel in the aural landscapes painted by these artists, a testament to their international recognition and cherished position in the world music scene.

Ace of Spades Information

The Ace of Spades in Sacramento heralds a heritage rich with musical lore, having hosted an array of distinguished concerts over its enduring history. This venue is a crown jewel for concert-goers, with its excellent acoustics and intimate setting that ensures an immersive musical experience. Elegant design meets modern functionality, creating an ambiance where every note resonates with clarity and purpose. It's the ideal backdrop for the fusion of sound and spectacle that Monsieur Periné delivers. Should any additional venue information be desired, the Ace of Spades welcomes contact, with details readily accessible on their web page.

Ticket Information

To secure your gateway to this celebration of musical alchemy, tickets are available starting at a tempting $57. We encourage true music enthusiasts to seize this opportunity through Ticket Squeeze, a secure marketplace dedicated to providing authentic and reliable ticketing services. By clicking the "buy tickets" button on the page, fans can ensure that they are part of this lively confluence of cultural rhythms and tunes. Don't miss the chance to be enveloped by the magnificent fiesta vibes that only a band like Monsieur Periné can conjure up. Join us on Saturday, May 25th, 2024, for an epitome of musical fusions in the heart of Sacramento.

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