Mike Sherm at Ace of Spades

Mike Sherm Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

EVENT RESCHEDULED TO WEDNESDAY 21ST FEBRUARY 2024. Originally Thursday 22nd February 2024. All original tickets are still valid!

Mike Sherm

Yo, what's good, Hip-Hop heads? Your boy Mike Sherm’s coming to light up Sacramento – it's going down at Ace of Spades, February 21, 2024! You feel me?

It’s no everyday gig; we're talking about a venue that THRIVES on the pulse of live shows, where the bass drops as heavy as the California sun. Ace of Spades is the real deal spot, and with Sherm's tracks thumping through those speakers... oh, you know it's about to get LIT.

Picture this: you're there, surrounded by the crew, Mike hits the stage. "AssHole," starts playing, and the place erupts - it's that raw energy, that unforgettable vibe you can only get standing shoulder to shoulder with the fam.

Don't even get me started on “Cookies,” or the insane beats of “Aww Shit” – when they drop, you'll remember why you live for this scene.

Limited tix, endless memories. Trust me, you’ll wanna be telling stories about this one. Slide over to the ticket site, grab yours, and let's bounce to the rhythm of the night, together. Y'all ready to TURN UP? Let's get it! 🎤🔥🎶

Rap nearly has a life of its own in California. It’s easy to see why when you think of how it permeates the streets in this state. Mike Sherm is the biggest live rap concert in Sacramento. Fans that have come to the venue never seem to get enough of what they have to offer. The most celebrated rappers in California will entertain fans during Mike Sherm. You know your favorite songs will be on blast with some of the best technology out today! Professional acoustics and a magnificently illuminated stage allow revelers to clearly hear and see the activities. You know that once you step foot into the venue you’ll get your money’s worth! Once you arrive at the venue, professional event staff will show you to your seat. Isn’t this what you deserve? Then here, you can expect it! But wait, there’s more! The interior décor at Ace of Spades is lavishly done. What more could you ask for? Secure a seat by clicking on the ‘get tickets’ button below.

Mike Sherm at Ace of Spades

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