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🔥🎸 Get amped for a night of scorching tunes as Microwave brings their sizzling sound to the Ace of Spades stage in Sac-Town! May 22, 2024 - mark it down, peeps!

Microwave? Yeah, you know 'em - those ATL rockers with the fiery riffs and feels that hit you right in the gut. It's the crew that brought us “Lighterless” and “Vomit” – anthems that scream your story back at you.

Ace of Spades? It's the intimate venue where the beats pound in your chest and the melodies captivate your soul, ensuring every lyric and cord stuns you like a LOVE punch. Imagine - the raw energy, the sweat, the electric vibe of a relentlessly PASSIONATE crowd.

As these guys mash up emo, punk, and all things alternative, expect a whirlwind of raw emotion and pure adrenalized SOUND pouring from the stage.

Ready to dive into the mosh pit of Microwave's unfiltered brilliance? Don't wait to snag your ticket, or you'll be the one hearing about it second-hand. Hit the link, SECURE your spot, and let's rock this! 🤘 #MicrowaveLive #AceOfSpadesMagic


Hey, rockers and rollers! Clear your calendar for May 22, 2024, because the one and only Microwave is gonna light up the Ace of Spades stage in Sacramento, and it's a gig you’re truly do not wanna miss! Picture this: swells of electric riffs, pulsing drums, and vocals that grip you right in the feels – all wrapped up in an energy that’s more contagious than that cold you picked up at last year's festival (come on, we’ve all been there).

Microwave concerts are notoriously dynamic, a real visceral experience. They’re not just about the tunes; it's a full-throttle attack on the senses. The intensity! Their shows get your head banging, heart pounding, and even on a lucky night, might inspire a crowd-surf or two. Expect sweat, soaring choruses, and the kind of raw emotion that’ll make you want to hug strangers. And don’t get me started on those guitar solos that quite literally scream with passion – pure eargasm material, folks!

About Microwave

Alright, for those of you not in the know (and seriously, where have you been?), Microwave is not your average rock band. These guys have been demolishing the scene since their first EP cooked its way into our hearts. Since then, it's been an unstopabble rollercoaster of noise, emotion, and accolades.

On stage, they’re unpredictable – in the best way possible. Every show is different, full of improvisational magic that you just don’t see often anymore. It’s like they bare their souls, stitch them into their melodies, and then hurl it out there for us all to catch. And catch we do because their live show experience sticks with you, clinging like that last note to the strings of a guitar at the end of a heart-wrenching ballad.

Awards? Oh, they’ve got ‘em. But it’s not the shiny trophies that define 'em; it’s the way they connect with their fans, make every wail of the guitar resonate with the crowd's innermost thoughts. When Microwave plays, they don't just perform; they exorcise demons and create a communal space for us all to heal together.

Ace of Spades Information

Nestled in the heart of Sacramento’s R Street Corridor, Ace of Spades is, hands down, one of the most iconic venues around. Known for its diverse and electric gigs, it's got a vibe that’s as intense as the acts it hosts. But don't take my word for it – just ask any music fan who’s ever stepped foot in the joint. The sound system? Killer. The view of the stage? Not a bad spot in the house. And the staff? Friendlier than your neighborhood barista after you tip 'em big.

The place oozes rock history, with walls that have seen more legendary performances than you could slap on a "Greatest Hits" album. Getting there’s a breeze too, nestled right in the city, a stone's throw from spots where you can pre-game with a bite or a brew before the main event.

Ticket Information

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About the Venue

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Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades, Sacramento, California, 95811, US