Levels House Party at Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades, Sacramento, California



Levels House Party at



Levels House Party

Ace of Spades

Brace yourself for the incredible electronic dance party! Come at Ace of Spades for the rip-roaring Levels House Party on next Friday, July 12.

Featuring headline DJs who lead the charts and set trends, this is the place to party the evening away. Plunge in the pulse of tracks like “Titanium,” “Levels,” and more, all exploding in one eventful night.

This event guarantees not just music, but a complete sensory overload. Mind-blowing visuals, heart-thumping beats await. Be in the crowd of those who will talk about this for ages!

Tickets start at just $37 for the whole night. Grab your spot now and be prepared to epically dance throughout the night! Hit the buy now link immediately and bypass the FOMO. See you at the Ace of Spades, Friday, July 12.

Get set for a experience like no other as the Levels House Party rocks Ace of Spades on Friday, 12th July 2024. Engage into a dimension of non-stop throwback electro-pop bangers. The evening guarantees popular beats straight out of your favorite college movies. Be a part of this energetic live event.

This fantastic event is featuring top DJs and performers that will deliver a burst of musical energy.

Located in Midtown, Sacramento, the Ace of Spades is known for staging premier musical acts. Among past performances from artists like Snoop Dogg, Papa Roach and Wu-Tang Clan, this venue continues to be a destination for national touring acts.

This space has a capacity of around 1,000, promising an friendly gig experience. The non-smoking interior ensures ease for all patrons, with designated outdoor smoking areas. For further information, you may contact the Ace of Spades directly.

Tickets for the Levels House Party at Ace of Spades are currently at $37. Secure your tickets through Ticket Squeeze to ensure a reliable purchase experience. Be sure to click the "buy tickets" link to reserve your spot.

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Ace of Spades

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