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Intervals & Hail The Sun

Ace of Spades

🎸 MUSIC ALERT, Sacramento! 🎸

Ready for a sonic explosion that'll shake the very core of your being? Because on March 20, 2024, Ace of Spades is THE place to be! Intervals and Hail The Sun are about to TURN UP THE DIAL on your usual Tuesday night.

Intervals, the wizards of instrumental prog-metal are bringing their mind-bending riffs and ethereal melodies to life. Think "Meridian" and "Touch and Go" – it’s all about the music speaking volumes without a single word.

AND THEN. Hail The Sun steps in. These post-hardcore heroes serve up emotion with a capital E. Expect hits like "Burn Nice and Slow" to hit you RIGHT IN THE FEELS.

This ain’t just a concert – it's a live experience. The lights, the energy, the soundscape. Everything INTENSIFIES when these titans play live.

Feeling the pull of the strings? The beat calling your name? Don’t just sit there! Snag a ticket before it's a "Sold-Out Show" you're crying over. BE THERE and witness the power of progressive mastery.

🎟️ Grab your tickets NOW – let's make it a night to REMEMBER! 🎟️

If you’re looking for a mind-blowing metal experience this March - might be good to know that Ace of Spades has a pretty clear idea what a true metalhead wants and needs. The highlight in the iconic venue’s program will undoubtedly be Intervals & Hail The Sun, who will blow the patrons minds away with an unrivalled show on stage. But the good news doesn't end here. The hosts will play their part in delivering the most refined experience with all the gems each ticket comes with. To name a few, we can mention the loudest sound system, flawlessly crafted acoustics delivering the sound directly to your bloodstream, and a fully stocked bar with beverages where you can regain your strengths. Speaking of strengths, might be important to know you can also take advantage of the top-class restaurants nearby, and check out the tantalizing menus they offer. So hit the Buy Ticket button, pack your friends into the car and make the most of your Wednesday night out!

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Ace of Spades

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