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🔥 METALHEADS of Sacramento! 🔥

Get ready to throw down with ERRA at Ace of Spades, May 15th! Let's make it LOUD, live, and unforgettable - together!

The stage is set. The riff-heavy onslaught, the progressive mastery, and those melodic hooks that HAUNT your dreams - all LIVE. One night where the air vibrates with pure intensity, and the energy? ELECTRIC.

"EYE OF GOD", "SNOWBLOOD", "DRIFT" – experience these bangers and more, thrashing through your soul in a way only an ERRA show can deliver. Every scream, every shred, echoing in the nostalgic chambers of Ace of Spades. This isn't just another gig – it's a night where every beat resonates with your heartbeat.

The sonic alchemy of ERRA's records? Mind-blowing. But live? It's a whole other beast. Feel the crunch of the guitars, witness the precision drums, and join the crowd, echoing every lyric.

Don't just hear about it later...


Join us in the mosh pit of memories to be made. #ERRALiveAtAce


Yo, have you heard the rumblings on the music grapevine? Erra is set to pierce the very core of Sacramento with their mind-bending melodies and bone-rattling breakdowns. Mark your calendars and brace your eardrums for May 15, 2024, when the Ace of Spades becomes the epicenter of an auditory earthquake that's gonna rip through your soul.

Erra's concerts ain't your regular head-bopping gig. Nah, they're an explosive cocktail of cathartic screams, intricate guitar-work, and unexpected tranquility that'll leave you breathless. These shows are notorious for being a sweaty sanctuary where the crowd's energy mirrors the intensity onstage. Prepare for blast beats that'll get your heart racing faster than a cheetah in a Red Bull factory and soaring choruses that'll lift you higher than a kite on a windy day. It's gonna be insane, intimate, and in your face.

About Erra

Speaking of Erra, let's dish out why these guys are more than just another band in the scene. These masters of metalcore have been crafting eargasm-worthy tracks that transcend the genre with some good ol' fashioned progressive elements. They don't just play music; they weave an atmospheric tapestry that flips the script on what you thought metalcore could be.

Live, Erra's presence is something akin to a force of nature—not just playing tunes but creating an experience that'll make your skin tingle with electric anticipation. They’ve built a rep for leaving fans drenched in sweat, voices hoarse from shouting lyrics, and always craving more. Between their technical wizardry and on-stage synergy, an Erra show is as memorable as that one summer fling you can’t quit reminiscing about.

Ace of Spades Information

Let's chat about the venue a minute. Ace of Spades, oh sweet Ace of Spades, she's the jewel in Sacramento's live music crown. Snuggly situated smack-dab in the middle of Downtown, this is where music lovers pilgrimage to get their fix. Ace of Spades has seen its fair share of electric nights and is primed to add another with Erra.

The vibes? They're top-notch. There's a reason bands love stopping by and fans keep coming back. It's intimate without being cramped, and there's not a bad view in the house. Plus, the staff know their stuff – from the bartenders mixing drinks like they're conducting an orchestra to the sound techs making sure every note is crystal.

Ticket Information

Now, you're itching for the deets on the tickets, aren't you? You could test your luck by hitting up the box office (if you're feeling old school), but if you truly wanna snag those tickets without breaking your bank or your spirit, Ticket Squeeze is where it's at! They’ve got the hook-up with those low prices and even lower fees. Like, why would anyone wanna pay more for the same thing? Beats me!

### Get Hyped, Get Tickets!

So, don’t sleep on this, folks! Rally your tribe, mark your spot on the calendar, and get ready to jump into one of the most epic nights of your life. Erra's coming, and you're gonna wanna tell your grandkids about this one. Scoot over to Ticket Squeeze and claim your ticket to the mayhem. It’s not just a concert, it’s a rite of passage. Are you game? Get your tickets NOW!

About the Venue

ace of spades

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades, Sacramento, California, 95811, US