Enanitos Verdes at Ace of Spades

Enanitos Verdes Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Enanitos Verdes

Hey rock enthusiasts🎸! Guess what? The LEGENDARY Argentinian rock band Enanitos Verdes is hitting Ace of Spades, Sacramento on March 5, 2024! Can you even HANDLE it?

These guys practically wrote the soundtrack to our lives, right? Every chord, every riff – pure nostalgia. Picture it now: the pulsating crowd, those first notes of "Lamento Boliviano" vibrating through the air, and YOU, smack in the middle of it all.

Get ready for a night drenched in classic tunes and raw energy. Can't forget "La Muralla Verde" – it's going to be ELECTRIC! Their live shows? Unmatched. The chemistry, the charisma – you've got to experience it firsthand.

It's been too long since we belted out hits with fellow fans, feeling every word echo in our chest. They bring the heart, the hits, and a performance you'll be talking about for years.

Alright, let's make it happen! Grab tickets while they last. Be there to rock, sway, shout, and fall in love with Enanitos Verdes all over again. Ticket links are LIVE – GO, GO, GO! 🎟️🚀 #EnanitosLive #AceOfSpadesMagic

Quickly! Enanitos Verdes your favourite pop/rock act is touring for spring, 2024, this is HUGE! Fanatics are awaiting that wild energy on stage, that euphoric moment, those famous tunes and the outstanding music, its going to be an experience. Not this occasion Enanitos Verdes will be hosted by the amazing and iconic Ace of Spades in California, Sacramento on Tuesday 5th March 2024. Ace of Spades is renowned for its great hospitality, excellent food options and simple and abundant parking, its a great place for a huge show like this, your evening will be that little bit easier to cater for! Pop/rock concerts are sought after events, especially with huge acts like Enanitos Verdes, the concert in March is going to sell out fast, so you have no choice but to act now, you can buy straight from here, its easily done, just follow the 'get tickets' link above! But quick, they'll be gone soon!

Enanitos Verdes at Ace of Spades

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