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Be there for the captivating reggae performance of the year with Dread Mar's 2024 USA tour! Join the celebrated Dread Mar I in person on Tuesday, 20th August 2024, at the cozy Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California.

Dive into the appealing rhythms and awesome songs of Dread Mar I, always delivering beloved tracks like "Tú Sin Mi" and "En el Seno del Amor". Feel the one-of-a-kind LIVE performance from the acclaimed artist who shaped the modern reggae scene.

For just only $75, grab this moment to watch Dread Mar I play his top reggae tracks in an high energy venue.

Bring your friends and enjoy a total show of mega music and joy. Press the "buy tickets" option now and experience the reggae celebration that is Dread Mar I at Ace of Spades.

Dread Mar I - 2024 USA Tour

Gear up for a legendary evening on August 20th, 2024, as the beloved Argentine reggae artist, Dread Mar I, takes the stage at the popular Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California. Reggae guests won't want to skip this unique opportunity to witness one of Latin America's top reggae performers LIVE!

Dread Mar I is universally recognized for his passionate vocal style. His popular singles include legendary songs like "Yo", "Buscar en Jah" and "Tú Sin Mi". His recent album "YO", dropped in 2023, remains to win over fans across the globe. He is no stranger to sold-out shows at Luna Park in Buenos Aires last December and gave an extensive tour through Europe, Mexico, the United States and Chile.

Located at R and 15 streets, the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California, is famous for hosting top acts. With a guest limit of around 1,000, it offers an close-knit show adventure. The concert venue has welcomed a range of high-profile performers like Snoop Dogg, Papa Roach and Rob Zombie. Recently, the Ace of Spades welcomes big-name acts and remains a prime destination for headlining events.

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Hurry, as tickets are expected to sell out. For more details, please contact the entertainment venue directly. Their phone number is available on their official website.

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