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🔥YO! Sacramento, get READY to catch the wave!🔥 Black Kray is about to tear it UP at Ace of Spades on April 5, 2024. This ain't just ANY night – it's THE night to bask in raw, unfiltered vibes.

Feel that BASS in your bones when hits like "Goth Luv" and "Flexican Gudda Luv" drop LIVE. You know – the anthems you've blasted a million times are about to hit D I F F E R E N T under the glow of concert lights.

It's a visual spectacle, bruh! Lasers, mood lighting, that electric crackle in the air. Black Kray brings more than just tunes; he’s servin' up a whole atmosphere. Ever been in a room where EVERY soul is synced with the beat? That's what we're talkin' about.

Prepare for a night of thrills, chills, and the kind of memories that tattoo themselves on your heart. This is no regular gig - it's a pilgrimage for the soul.

Tickets? Flying. Fans? Hyped. Experience? Priceless. Cop yours NOW and be part of the LEGEND. Slide over to the Ace of Spades website and secure that spot. Let's GET IT! 🎤🖤🎶

Gather around rapheads! For the arrival of 2024's spring months, the awesome Black Kray will embark on a roadshow that will strike at the hearts of major states across the country, erupting lyrical fire with its world-renowned squad. Critics are falling over themselves in commendation of the event’s award-winning singers, hailing them as the next-gen trailblazers who will propel rap music to the extremes. Don’t pass up the chance to see these masters LIVE on stage, featuring a staggering exhibition on Friday 5th April 2024 at the Ace of Spades
Incredible night! It was much more than a concert. It was an experience that left me buzzing with excitement. 10/10!

Brace yourself for an exceptional evening of hip-hop that will shake your city down to its bedrock! In the long-awaited Black Kray, they’re bringing together the most distinguished names in the rap circuit for a boom of explosive performances, mind-blowing rhythms, and powerful poetry that will leave you yearning for more. Our headlining acts have taken the world by storm with their latest string of Billboard chart-topping hits and critically acclaimed EPs, and this year, they’re bringing them to the live stage! Come and keep pace with the slickest beats and the quick-witted wordplay that conquered the radios across the US, brilliantly blended with a frenetic, freestyling finesse that will catch you off guard. awesome in the best of ways, this show pays honor to hip-hop’s funky Bronx origins and highlights its shining future through the intoxicating rhymes that explore the potential of street music.

Dive into the Ace of Spades in the entertainment district of the bustling Sacramento, California, and enjoy the sounds ricocheting off the stadium’s state-of-the-art acoustic environment. With stylish aesthetics and unobstructed sightlines from every angle, the upcoming performance will be bumped up to the next level, promising a rap-fest you’ll remember forever.

Black Kray is coming for the Ace of Spades on Friday 5th April 2024 to reduce it to embers with today’s BIGGEST hip-hop stars. Click the button above to get your seats ASAP!

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Ace of Spades

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