Benny The Butcher at Ace of Spades

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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

The strong vibes are coming to the Sacramento grounds! Get ready for the bops as Benny The Butcher brings a hip-hop masterclass on Thursday 16th May 2024 at Ace of Spades, California. Sick beats will run the entire city as Benny The Butcher performs their gutsy musicality for the Hip-Hop audience in the vicinity.

Along with the rhythmic tunes, the powerful bars will be spitted on the spot as the award-winning artists dive into the bouncy experience courtesy of their remarkable tracks. From screeching vinyl to freestyles, all of it will be performed as Benny The Butcher brings the headbanging show for the fans waiting for it.

Performing their greatest tracks, watch the one-time-only hip-hop experience that will not just put you on your seat edges but can bring intense hype with every beat. Don't miss out on the ground-breaking beats as Benny The Butcher provides the hip-hop masterclass for the most memorable concert experience you'll ever have. Book your tickets now!

When it comes to spectacular concerts, you can’t beat Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California. This venue commits to bringing the biggest names on the national hip-hop scene out for spectacular events that music-lovers can’t afford to miss! And a huge part of the fun is how Ace of Spades has the ultimate sound system in Sacramento, that guarantees crisp and clear sounds to every seat in the house. Ace of Spades also has plenty of floor space for dancing, you’ll be able to enjoy the show your way. And let’s not forget that they have plenty of drinks from their fully loaded bar. So you can unwind with a few while the spectacular music reaches your ears. Ace of Spades has everything you could want to have the ultimate night of your life in 2024 or anytime this season. Best of all, Ace of Spades is in some of the coolest parts of Sacramento, in case you want to come early and make a day of your stay. So when you want incredible hip-hop concerts this year. Make sure you book tickets to catch awesome events like Benny The Butcher live at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California.

Benny The Butcher at Ace of Spades

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