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As I Lay Dying

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Music aficionados and Alternative metal fans, prepare for an auditory experience like no other as As I Lay Dying takes center stage at Ace of Spades. On Wednesday 10th July 2024, Sacramento, California will resonate with the powerful riffs and emotionally charged lyrics that only As I Lay Dying can deliver. Dive into the depths of songs like "Through Struggle" and "Nothing Left," witnessing their notable achievements in metalcore come to life before your very eyes.

But the intensity doesn't stop there. Chelsea Grin and Entheos stand in support, escalating the evening into an exceptional crescendo of sound. Braced to be swept away in a torrent of gripping solos and heart-stopping breakdowns? Make it a reality.

Tickets, competitively starting from $60, are your key to partake in this musical revelry. With such a lineup, the demand is high and the anticipation higher. Don't allow the opportunity to thrash and headbang amidst fellow devotees slip through your grasp.

Embrace the call of heavy riffs and thundering drums. Click the 'buy tickets' button now, and secure your passage to this monumental event. As I Lay Dying's triumphant return to the stage is an experience no true fan should forgo. Will you be there?

Prepare for an unmatched night of pulsating rhythms and soaring tunes as As I Lay Dying storms the stage at Ace of Spades in Sacramento. experience an atmosphere where the intensity of metalcore fuses with waves of passion, an experience that will leave the riffs echoing in your soul. Vivid lighting will cast dramatic shadows on ecstatic fans, and the sheer energy is set to make your heart race in anticipation of a truly explosive performance.

As I Lay Dying

Grammy-nominated As I Lay Dying, an iconic force in metalcore, continues to navigate the genre with captivating presence. Their journey of reinvention is marked by the release of "Shaped by Fire," their latest album triumph, highlighting their uncompromising skill. Fresh from the creative cauldron, a stirring new album is being mixed, promising fans more of the intense and meaningful music that defines the band. Embrace the evocative lyrics and intricate guitar work that have garnered the band a dedicated following over two decades.

Chelsea Grin

Chelsea Grin, a name synonymous with fearsome breakdowns and relentless aggression, raises the night’s energy further. The band has etched their position within the genre, earning admiration with their relentless touring and powerful discography. Their pulverizing performance will prime the crowd into a frenzy ready for the evening's headliner.


Adding to the lineup, Entheos brings their progressive death metal flair, characterized by complex rhythms and profound intensity. Acknowledged for their technical prowess, Entheos is the perfect ignition to an extraordinary night of amazing musical skill.

Ace of Spades Information

Ace of Spades, popular for its storied legacy of hosting excellent concerts, is a jewel in Sacramento’s live music scene. With a seating capacity often filled with eager crowds, the venue is equipped with superior surround sound and a spectrum of amenities designed to enhance the concert experience. The venue pleas for patrons to contact them directly should any inquiries arise.

Ticket Information

As the fervor builds for As I Lay Dying’s performance, securing tickets early from Ticket Squeeze is pivotal. The tranquil peace of mind that comes from using a secure marketplace ensures that your only focus is the anticipation of the event. To be part of this monumental night, click the "buy tickets" button and commit to an experience that will resound long after the final chord fades.

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