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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

ZZ Ward

HEY YOU! Yes, you, sittin' there... Wanna flip your Tuesday night from 'meh' to MIND-BLOWING? Grab your chance to catch the ASTOUNDING ZZ Ward live in concert! That's right folks; this super-chick, bluesy-rock songstress is blowin' up Ace of Spades, Sacramento, California, on November 14, 2023. WHAMMO!

This ain’t no ordinary gig, my friends. This is THE concert, part of ZZ Ward’s can't-miss tour we've all been waiting for. Get your tickets fast! Pronto! You don’t want to be the sad sap missing out, standing outside the venue, craving those raw, soulful vibes roaring from inside. Cryin’ into your beer 'cause you can see the joy on the ecstatic faces of the bobbin' crowd. NO SIR!

You’ll be getting the full ZZ treatment; all her greatest hits. Think “Put the Gun Down”, “Last Love Song”, and that spine-tingling “Charlie Ain’t Home”! When she takes that harmonica and rips into a killer solo, you'll be right there, your pulse POUNDING in sync with the rhythm. You—and a hall full of diehards—riding the emotional roller coaster together.

So peeps, buckle up for the electifying ZZ Ward experience. Remember, it ain’t just a ticket, it’s your passport to the HOTTEST blues-rock event of the year. It's an invite to FEEL the music; to live it, breathe it, BE part of it. No regrets, just raw, foot-stompin', head-bangin’ BLISS.

This concert, this tour, this chance... grab it, LIVE IT. November 14. Ace of Spades. Be ready to be WARD-STRUCK!

Alright, listen up Cats 'n' Kittens! My dear surfing the cyber-waves, that's right! Imprint this date in your noodle: November 14, 2023. That’s when the inimitable ZZ Ward is bringing her snazzy tunes, gritty guitar reigns, and soulful sound to the iconic Ace of Spades in Sacramento. This Concert is more than just a gig, it’s a full-fledged experience. You dig?

Now, before we get rolling, take a sec to envision the scene. The stage, electric and throbbing with pent-up energy. The crowd, buzzing with anticipation. And then, there she is, Ms. ZZ Ward herself, belting out those smoky blues and rustic tunes that have snatched her awards, applause and adulation from coast to coast. This is the one Tour you can't miss!

Sac Town, brace for impact 'cos ZZ isn’t just coming, she’s bringing a tornado of talent and tunage that will shake you up and spit you out in a whole new universe of sonic greatness. This ain’t your run-of-the-mill jam session, dudes and dudettes. She's a bona fide firecracker – on stage, she sets the night ON FIRE.

What's the trick to scoring a front-row swing at this stellar act? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Click your heals, pat your pockets and snag a Ticket. Just one. Because that's all you'll need to step foot into the magic, the mayhem, the absolute delight that is a ZZ Ward concert.

Look, no fibbing here: Ace of Spades is the venue to be. Known for its voodoo-like ability to attract top-notch, Grammy-winning artists, it's the nerve center where the effervescence of Sacramento's music scene festers. It’s intense, intimate, and yeah, INCREDIBLE! The beer is always cold, the vibe hotter than a summer in Sacto, and with ZZ Ward in the joint, you know it's gonna be flipping legendary.

Alright, time to cut the chatter. You know the gig, the date, and the spot. Now, it's all up to you. EVERYONE will be there, under the flashing stage lights, swaying to the echoing sounds of Ms. ZZ Ward's raw and infectious tunes. This is a rendezvous with destiny you just can't dare to miss.

So, come on, the time to act is now. Don’t be left out in the cold. Grab your revered ZZ Ward concert Ticket today and join the horde of enlightened music lovers. Be a part of that blissful night as ZZ stirs the soul of Sacramento again!

ZZ Ward at Ace of Spades

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