Viva La Solteria? Baila, Canta, Comparte at Ace of Spades

Viva La Solteria? Baila Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

VIVA LA SOLTERIA!!! This July 7th, make sure you don't miss out, because the one and only Viva La Solteria is coming to Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California for a night of incredible music you won't soon forget! Baila, Canta, Comparte, will be a Tour experience you won't want to miss. Imagine the sound of TRUE fandom coming together for one of the best live music experiences you'll ever witness!

Ticket holders are promised an unforgettable experience and a night they'll be talking about for years to come. Viva La Solteria is known for their highly EMOTIONAL performances that will take you on a journey through some of their greatest hits. Get ready to BOUNCE, and SHOUT along to all your favorite songs, while being surrounded by an atmosphere of pure musical lust!

Don't wait to get your Ticket for the Viva La Solteria Baila, Canta, Comparte Concert, because you don't want to miss this huge show! It's gonna be one absolute BANGER of a night, so don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to see the musical legends live!

Viva La Solteria? Baila, Canta, Comparte at Ace of Spades

Come join us in Sacramento, California on July 7th, 2023 at the Ace of Spades for the one and only Viva La Solteria? Baila, Canta, Comparte concert! Get ready to experience live music unlike anything you’ve ever heard before as Viva La Solteria takes you on an incredible journey through all the sounds and rhythms of Latin America.

This show will be HOT! A mix of all the styles that makes Latin Music what it is. Featuring a blistering array of award-winning performers – singing, dancing, and sharing their passion for Latin music – this concert will guarantee that you are up on your feet and living it up for the entire night.

Viva la Solteria? knows how to bring the house down. We make you feel the music, get your body moving, and build a connection with everyone around you. Feeling alive and connected! This truly will be an unforgettable musical experience, and tonight, Ace of Spades is the chosen destination.

Reputation is everything, and Ace of Spades has not achieved its immortal status for nothing. This breathtaking and world-famous venue will offer an unprecedented experience. Great acoustics mean we can all hear the music through the speakers, and the remarkable sound system in this place means the music is loud and crystal clear, just like it should be. And thanks to the in-house bars, you can continue dancing all night or take a break, get your drink, and sit back, relax and watch the show.

So gather up your friends and get your TICKETS now! Experience Viva La Solteria? at Ace of Spades, and take a journey like no other. Let the music take control. Live life to the fullest and Canta, Baila, Comparte! See you there.

Viva La Solteria? Baila, Canta, Comparte at Ace of Spades

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