Victoria Monet at Ace of Spades

Victoria Monet Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Victoria Monet

ATTENTION all music heads and Victoria Monet stans! Your dream has just turned into reality! The musical sensation herself, Victoria Monet, is gracing the Ace of Spades with her electrifying presence on October 9, 2023, for an EPIC concert that's gonna be LIT AF! Oh, yes! You heard it, folks! This ain't a drill; it's the REAL DEAL! Grab your tickets before they SELL OUT!

Now, if you ain’t familiar with Monet or her beguiling music, you’ve been living under a rock, my friend. She’s the talk of the town! Her velvet-like voice and extraordinary melodies are the stuff of legends! This concert ain’t just about watching her perform live — it’s about experiencing a musical journey. SHE BRINGS THE HOUSE DOWN with every performance, y’all!

This tour is gonna feature all her greatest hits, so you can groove to "Ass Like That," melt with "Experience," and feel every word of "Moment." One moment you'll be lost in the soothing acoustics, the next you'll be arcing in rhythm to the soulful beats. This ain't just any concert, it’s an all-out FEEL-FEST!

It’s gonna be a night packed full of VIBES. So rush and secure your ticket, bring along your crew or just your lovely self, and set your spirit free. Let Victoria Monet's dulcet tones wash over you and be ready for the best night EVER. See you THERE!

Ladies and Gents, hold on to your wigs, 'cause VICTORIA MONET is hot-stepping her way into the heartland of NorCal - Sacramento! Your calendars should be screaming "OCTOBER 9, 2023!" by now, folks! Don't sleep on this one; it's THE concert event of the year! The 'Ace of Spades' is where it's all going to hit. Grab your tickets FAST, 'cause they’re among the hottest in town and they ain't gonna stay around forever.

Victoria Monet, that incredible powerhouse of smooth R&B and soul, is ready to set the stage on FIRE with her melodic tunes and hypnotic beats. Her allure? Awh man, it's PURE UNDILUTED! She's got the voice of a groovy siren, hitting you right in your soul-core. And those 'Feel So Good' and 'Experience' vibes? They're about to get REAL. Live. In person. Total bliss!

It’s fair to say that Victoria’s tour is a complete and utter BLOW-OUT! From big city lights to the heartland towns, she's got her fans buzzing and strung out on anticipation. What's the word again? Oh yeah, FEVER-PITCH. It's unprecedented folks. The vibe, the emotions? UNREAL. So, whatcha waiting for?

You've seen the awards, right? Yaaas, we’re talking about our girl, touted as Apple Music’s 'Up Next' artist, the glitter-fresh songbird spreading her wings. Well amen to that, 'cause Victoria has so much more to offer. She'll whip up a storm, get your hearts pounding, and she won't stop till y’all singing her tunes in your dreams.

Now, the 'Ace of Spades'… man, it's not JUST a venue. Famously edgy, famously vibey, it's a place where cool melodies meet even cooler peeps. It’s more than bricks, mortar and stage lights - it's a vibe-vessel. A place where you FEEL the music, where the crowd becomes one with the beat. Do you feel that magic? 'Cause we certainly do!

Sacramento, you're in for a treat. From the pulsating beats, euphoric crowd, and tantalizing drinks, to the electric atmosphere; this night promises to be hella lit! Trust us, this ain't just another concert, it's a full-blown, knock your socks off, waiving your hands in the air kinda event.

So, what’s your move? Sit around and wait for the highlights to roll in? Or BE the experience? Be part of the electrifying energy that IS Victoria Monet? I say, snag those tickets, buckle up and brace yourself for the time of your life. Let's get this party started, Sacramento!

Victoria Monet at Ace of Spades

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