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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Tyler Rich

Country music is arguably one of the top genres ever. There have been many talented artists to be called the best but not one of them could shine brighter than Tyler Rich. We proudly announce that Tyler Rich is making a long-awaited appearance in Sacramento, California! There can’t be another country music event better than this.

This fall, drive to the Ace of Spades for a night of great music and great vibes as Tyler Rich plays all your favorites! Catch all of their most popular tracks live and sing along to all your favorite country classics. Are you ready to join the crowd in the hottest country show of the season? If so, ring your friends and gather up the rodeo because you’re all coming to see Tyler Rich very soon! The show will commence on Saturday 28th October 2023!

Tickets are on sale right now. Secure your spots at the concert as soon as you can! You can’t afford to miss this! Tyler Rich will catch you soon!

Country aficionados are in for a real gem as Tyler Rich is going live at the Ace of Spades on Saturday 28th October 2023! Tyler Rich isn't just a up-and-comer of classic country tunes, they are a breakout star set to explode onto the music scene thanks to their strikingly superb album released a few months ago.

This is bound to be the greatest show in the past years! Catch Tyler Rich as they grace the music hall with their trademark style that critics have long praised. As one of the foremost professionals when it comes to the genre of country music, the international singer-songwriter packs up the folk hits of the modern times in this highly-anticipated gig.

With robust promotional efforts from fans, the show has become one worth remembering as it showcases the sharp and heart-warming lyrical mastery complemented by an original stage presence often compared to to that of the esteemed country pioneers.

Make the most of this chance to catch them live at a smaller, more intimate venue during this upcoming tour! Located in Sacramento, California, let Ace of Spades bring you back to the origins of country music. It has certainly become a prime entertainment hotspot, hosting famous personalities as it solidifies its reputation as a top venue for live shows!

Tyler Rich live at the Ace of Spades will truly be a superb concert that highlights the best parts of the unique genre. One click is all it takes for your ticket, so go ahead and purchase them now!

Tyler Rich at Ace of Spades

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