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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

The Struts

HEY YOU! Do you remember what it feels like to ROCK? Get ready to return to the Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Ma'am glory of rock n’ roll with The Struts, strutting to Ace of Spades, Sacramento, California on December 2, 2023. This is a CALL TO ARMS, peeps! The British rockers are hitting the golden state and it’s gonna be HUUUGE!

Hold on to your hats, because you're about to jump on a nostalgic rollercoaster flashback to the reckless abandon of the '70s & '80s. Let The Struts whip you into a frenzy with anthems that'll make your heart pump like a kickdrum. This ain’t just a concert, mates. It’s a bona fide EXPERIENCE!

Snap up your tickets faster than you can dial-up your old AOL account - their tour is selling out like crazy, just like the good old days. From their greatest hits “Could Have Been Me” to “Body Talks,” your spirit animal will be lost in the music in a sea of radiant, writhing energy.

Don’t miss out on the tour of the DECADE! The Struts, live at Ace of Spades, will transport you back to your rebel teen years when times were simpler, and music was louder. Their electrifying riffs, glammed out costumes, and swaggering antics will leave you buzzing, your soul singing, and your feet stomping. Shin-digs like this one don’t crop up often. Grab your concert tickets NOW...this will be EPIC!

Yo, listen up lovers of rock 'n roll! Time for that dibs on some sick TICKETS. Clear your calendar for December 2, 2023. Your favorite punk revivalists, the one and only The Struts, are gonna smash it at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California. These blokes are back on TOUR. Their new music is fresh AF, it breathes fires and exhales punk stardust. Are you ready blinkin' 'eck!

The Struts, y'all! The freaking STRUTS! I’m talking about those UK rockstars, who've got glitter in their veins and heads in the clouds. They've toured with legends, Foo Fighters, The Rolling Stones for goodness sake! Even been hailed as the "best live band in the world" by the grand-prix of Glastonbury festival. No biggie…

Imagine it. The thrum of the bass reverberating off every nerve in your doc martins. Heart beating to the electrifying rhythms. Sweat dripping, voice sounding hoarse in the macho, raw vibe of a Struts CONCERT. Best believe, it’s nothing less than a religious experience. It's RAD. It's HYPE. Nobody does it better. And you can’t afford to miss it.

Hold up, ain't just 'bout the band here. Let's talk about the venue - Ace of Spades. This place is LEGENDARY. Total rocker charm with an intimate feel. It’s the place where music drips from the ceiling and seeps out the walls, where you FEEL THE BEAT. Every inch of it screams punktastic ecstasy. And it's all situated in the heart of Sacramento, the city that never snoozes in the world of rad live music.

Aside from being the DNA of the Sactown music scene, Ace of Spades is known for its bad-ass sound system too. Seriously, it’s like being inside an album. Plus, don’t get me started on their sick drinks and decidedly hip crowd. The whole place speaks volumes of pure, unadulterated rock vibes. It's every punk rocker's paradise clothed in dim lights and black leather. Ace of Spades plus The Struts, it’s gonna be fireworks, a total legit EXPLOSION!

So, what you waiting for, mate? These TICKETS ain't gonna click themselves. You know you're itching to be part of this mind-boggling, ear-splitting, life-altering EXPERIENCE. The Struts ain't just a band, they are a movement! Get your piece of this sick action. Come fuel the legacy of Rock 'n Roll at the Ace of Spades. Answer the call, let that inner punk in you roar.

Get those TICKETS now... Be there or prepare for a lifetime of monumental FOMO! Boom!

The Struts at Ace of Spades

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