The Mountain Goats at Ace of Spades

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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Come experience the electrifying energy of THE MOUNTAIN GOATS live in concert at Ace of Spades in Sacramento on October 7th! This night promises to be MAGICAL as they bring their renowned live performance to the stage. Relive the classics from the fan-favorite albums, like All Hail West Texas, The Sunset Tree, and Tallahassee. Plus, be the first to hear their newest material, off their upcoming album, in this special one-night engagement.

Be swept away by the poetic lyrics and melodic sounds as you JOURNEY through the highs and lows of their career. Embrace their words as you SHOUT and SING along, celebrating the rich history of their musical talent. Feel the ENERGY pulsing through the crowd as John Darnielle captivates you with his lyrical genius. The Mountain Goats give an experience that you don’t want to miss!

Don’t wait, get your tickets now to experience THE MOUNTAIN GOATS in concert at Ace of Spades October 7th! This night will be EPIC, and a live experience you won’t soon forget.

The Mountain Goats at Ace of Spades

The rock music scene is about to get wild with The Mountain Goats' LIVE performance coming to Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California! This is THE show you will want to see this summer.

Pulitzer Prize-nominated and Grammy Awards-winning artist The Mountain Goats is mainly a solo project led by singer-songwriter John Darnielle, and is well known for their lyrics-driven music and ever-evolving sound. With over 20 albums and singles under their belt, the band boasts a deep well of greatest hits to draw from, they’ve never experienced the same show twice.

At this live performance, you’ll experience a mosaic of genres to create a unique sound. From Americana and lo-fi indie rock to hints of punk, this night will be an eclectic party. And since Darnielle is an expert storyteller and spectacular lyricist, there isn’t a show you could attend that won’t leave you with a story to tell or a song in your heart.

Sacramento's Ace of Spades is well known for its premier entertainment, offering a legendary venue to make this experience an unforgettable one. It has superior acoustics and soundsystems, and with top notch talent, it's the perfect setting to come alive with The Mountain Goats.

At this show you'll find yourself surrounded by like-minded music-lovers each having their own unique take on the show, and each creating their own blissful journey in the crowd. To make it even better, the folks at Ace of Spades make sure you feel like you're truly part of the performance.

This doesn’t even come close to beginning to describe what you can expect if you purchase tickets to The Mountain Goats concert at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity – get your tickets ASAP and experience something truly special. Ticket prices may vary but whatever you pay – it's entirely worth it!

The Mountain Goats at Ace of Spades

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