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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

The Menzingers

OK peeps, buckle up! The Menzingers are cruising back to the Golden State and making one helluva pit stop in Sacramento. Are you stoked? Cause we sure are! December the 10th, pencil it in, grab your sharpie, WHATEVER you use to remember IMPORTANT things - the Ace of Spades will be ablaze with RAD energy.

We're sifting through a punk paradise in SAC town and YOU should be part of it! Dig out your old Docs and favorite flannel, snag your TICKET and prepare for an A1, whizzbang, totally tubular night. This ain't no ordinary gig, dudes and dudettes, it's the freaking Menzingers on TOUR!

Expect a CHOCK-FULL lineup of their greatest hits - the anthems that adorned your bedroom walls, the songs that still send shivers down your spine... you know the ones - "After The Party," "Lookers," and the ever-so gripping "Hello Exile." BRACE for a live show experience that will make you feel young and restless, reckless and wild. It's going to be gnarly to the MAX!

Don't just twiddle your thumbs, surf that air guitar, and wish you were there. Grab a TICKET, rally the troops and let's make December 10, 2023, a date to remember! The Menzingers, live in CONCERT at the Ace of Spades - it's a no-brainer. Go ahead and punch that ticket, 'cuz you ain't gonna want to miss this epic jam session. This show promises to be the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas, totally! The Menzingers...Ace of Spades...Will you join them in this joyride? Rock on!

Get pumped, dudes and dudettes! They're back! The Menzingers are back to shake your core, and their concert is coming up in Sac-town! This December 10th, 2023, they are setting fire to the iconic Ace of Spades! Let's paint the town black with fervor, gut-punching beats, and ground-breaking vocals. Can you feel it? Now THAT'S rad!

Alright, let's talk The Menzingers. These are real-deal-hardcore punk-rock veterans who've been rocking our world straight from Scranton, PA since 2006. Four-time Alternative Press Award Winners, rock maestros, voices of rebellion! Their concert? Not just a gig, a god-given experience that'll leave an indelible mark in your heart. Not 'yer everyday jams, but a total brain-melting and heart racing punk-rock anthem!

Ready to rock? TICKETS are UP for grabs! Need an early Christmas present? Wrap it up in a heady mix of melodic punk and highly emotive lyrics. Spoil yourself, come on, you deserve it! It's the end-of-the year, blow-out tour that will make you forget what the words 'quiet' and 'dull' even mean. A journey where each stop elevates the soul and leaves the senses tingling!

Ace of Spades-our rocking venue, is Sacramento's iconic nugget and no stranger to hosting rock royalty. What we got here is intimate vibes, pulsating energy and an atmosphere that'll send you spiraling into an indescribable concert euphoria! A haven of hardcore rhythms, blistering guitar solos and iconic crowd surfers, conjuring an ensemble of rocking history.

Imagine a mob of fellow fans, moshing, chanting, forming a bond of shared punk passion, a community of energy just hugging you from all sides. Bet you've got goosebumps already, am I right? More than a concert-it's a homecoming, a heart-pounding celebration that's absolutely ELECTRIFYING. You won't only hear the music; you will feel it, live it, BE it!

Alright, the stage is set for the night of nights in Sacramento. A punk rock encounter that'll infuse your veins with an adrenalised buzz you won't forget anytime soon. So, get ready to lose yourself in the raw chords, the raspy voices, and the symphony of punk rock realness.

Now, LISTEN UP – this ain't no drill! The Menzingers are coming, and they're coming IN HOT. They'll be tearing down the Ace of Spades, and you NEED to be there. TICKETS are selling like hotcakes. Go, click, book! Shape your December with the Menzingers' punk rock pizzazz. Don't let the concert of the year pass you by.

The Menzingers at Ace of Spades

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