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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

The Darkness

Again the world famous The Darkness, will be on tour for fall, 2023 and YOU could be there! The unforgettable pop/rock act will be hosted by the finest stadium for events like this, thats right, Ace of Spades, California, Sacramento, and its a stones throw for a great night out! secure some tickets now, for this wild evening in quickly as you can, because they will be gone in the blink on an eye! Buy your tickets today by following 'get tickets', Wednesday 4th October 2023 is going to be a evening to remember, so buy yours today!

Listen UP, Sacramento rockers! Unearth those leather jackets, dust off those faded band tees, and tighten those laces on your studded combat boots. It's TIME! The undeniable, out-of-this-world, head-banging, soul-shaking, British Hard-Rock sensation, The Darkness, is COMING TO TOWN!

Feel that? That's your heart pounding, adrenaline surging, goosebumps erupting! We're talking The Darkness live! Uh-huh, live! Right here, in our Golden State. Keep October 4, 2023, clear in your calendar. That's right cats and kittens! Our beloved boys are descending on Ace of Spades in Sacramento! That ain't no jive talk. It's one killer gig you won't want to miss!

Bask in the blazing glory of face-melting riffs, chest-thumping basslines, and soaring vocal pyrotechnics that'll shoot you straight to hard rock heaven. Be awestruck as Justin Hawkins, the high priest of falsettos, hits octaves you never saw coming. Get swallowed up by the tribal drumming of Rufus Tiger Taylor. Let Dan's and Frankie’s guitars shred your reality to pieces, then put it back together again...BETTER.

Hold tight! This is the band that scooped three BRIT awards, had a quadruple-platinum debut album, and rocked stages the size of small nations! Talking 'bout experience? These dudes have rocked from Reading to Rock In Rio, melted faces from Moscow to Montreal, and now they're revving up to rattle Sacramento! It's part of their global whirlwind tour, hitting up cities faster than a hot riff on a light-speed guitar solo! So...ARE YOU READY!?

Ace of Spades, bro. Iconic. Legendary. This venue's got stories to tell, history in its walls. Think raw industrial vibe meets top-notch acoustics. Intimate mosh pit. Drinks that hit the spot and staff who know their rock. Ace of Spades ain’t just a concert venue, it's rock 'n roll church. And its altar? The stage that's played host to rock royalty since time immemorial.

THE DARKNESS! Ace of Spades! Sacramento, California, baby! This gig is the real deal, the holy grail of rock, an epic face-off between music and silence…and you know who’s gonna win! Best part? You don’t gotta be a millionaire to get in on the action.

So, stop moping around, wishing you were a Rockstar. This is YOUR call to arms! No more “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” singalongs in the shower. Witness it LIVE, feel the ENERGY, be one with the MUSIC!

Your ticket to rock heaven waits! Grab it, clutch it, don't let it go! But hey, don't just stand there! Run! Race the Wind! Click! Buy! Book your passage to euphoria NOW! The Darkness at Ace of Spades. It's not just a concert, it's an EXPERIENCE…one you’ll NEVER FORGET!


The Darkness at Ace of Spades

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