Static X at Ace of Spades

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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Don't wait another five seconds! The long awaited STATIC X Concert is finally here and only 3 days away! Experience the legendary rock group live at Ace of Spades in Sacramento on April 17, 2023. Get ready to rock out and vibe to the band's biggest and best songs including 'The Enemy' , 'Push it', and 'This Is Not' among other classic and fan-favorite hits. Prepare for a wild night of energy, passion, and soulful music that will shake the very walls of the Ace of Spades. STATIC X brings raw power and emotional GRIT that will have you screaming like you've never screamed before. Come out and share this special night of electricity and emotion with an experience that you won't soon forget! Don't miss it!

Static X at Ace of Spades

Calling all metalheads! Buckle up and get ready for a night of pure adrenaline with STATIC-X at Ace of Spades in Sacramento. This CONCERT is the perfect opportunity for you to let off all that pent up energy and rock out with one of the most iconic metal bands of the decade.

Don't miss out on the chance to experience the full power of recordings like "Push It" and "Cold", jams that earned the band numerous awards, including a Billboard Music Award, Metal Hammer Award, and several nominations at the MTV Video Music Awards. Not to mention their enormous library of popular studio albums like Wisconsin Death Trip and Shadow Zone.

Headbangers, the night is sure to be a ROWDY, passionate homage to the heavy metal genre, and will give you the highest dose of ENERGY, emotion and intensity. STATIC-X is responsible for cult classics spanning multiple decades, and their live show has been nothing short of SPECTACULAR.

Come join the EXCITEMENT at Ace of Spades in Sacramento and witness the thunderous roar of heavy metal PULSATING through the crowd. This is a night of pure metal splendor that you don't want to miss. All metal fans, come OUT and show your support! Buy tickets NOW and prepare to thrash until your heart's content at the STATIC-X concert!

Static X at Ace of Spades

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