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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Shakey Graves

Greetings, rad folks! Raise that freak flag and dust off your dancing shoes because the one and only Shakey Graves is headed to the Golden State. Get ready for a night that's going to be totally tubular, at the Ace of Spades, Sacramento on September 30, 2023!

This ain't just a concert, it’s an experience! A tour de force that’s as unstoppably cool as 90s grunge. As much a part of our Generation X identity as flannel shirts, Doc Martens, and collective cynicism. For sure, home slice, this isn't your average TICKET to some generic shindig.

Hang onto your seat, because it's about to get seriously real out here. This ain’t no humdrum show, folks. Picture this: greasy hair flying, foot stomping, soul-stirring anthems that define us, every riff and howl exquisite enough to send chilly willy all the way down your spine! Remember “Dearly Departed”? Expect that level of intensity because Shakey Graves is bringing his signature twang with a bucket full of his GREATEST HITS.

Are you finally ready to live a little? To let loose and sway to the beat of your own drum? This CONCERT is your golden ticket to just that. Join us at the Ace of Spades for a night of indie rock that will make your heart sing and your soul shake.

In this world where everything is just BLAH, be different, be bold, be there. Don't stay home and veg out, come set yourself free at the Shakey Graves TOUR, cause let's face it, it’s where all the cool cats will be.

You've got your marching orders, codgers! Let's light this candle! Get your tickets and find your groove. CONNECT. LIVE. Party like it's 1999 again, and remember that the good times are right here, right now.

Get ready, my kind-hearted souls, the announcement has finally DROPPED! Shakey Graves, your favorite rustic rambleman, is coming down to slay our city. Catch him LIVE at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California on the 30th of September, 2023. Mark your calendars NOW, 'cause this is one concert you sure as hell don't wanna skip!

Remember that foot-stomping, heart-thumping concert where we fell in love with ol' Shakey Graves and his signature suitcase kick drum? The musician who brings the BOOM in boom-chicka-boom! Ain't no other can deliver that Americana spirits quite like him!

From Austin City Limits to Late Night with Seth Meyers, Shakey’s vibe is infectious, hit tracks like “Dearly Departed” and “Roll the Bones” leaning into us, every lyric a love letter to the dusty roads of American folk. His daring, raw energy, the mesmeric strums – Shakey’s concerts are a transcendental experience. It's a tour that promises an old soul and gritty grooves. It's history, it's authenticity, it's AMERICANA REBORN.

Fully deserving of his 2015 Americana Music Awards’ Best Emerging Artist win, Shakey’s constantly evolving, surprising us with every release. His unpredictability? It's freakin' GOLD. Like a wild mustang, you can't pin him down. And let's be honest, we don't want to!

Kickin' it at the Ace of Spades, we're guaranteed an intimate experience like no other. Nestled in the heart of Sactown, this venue is nothing less than iconic. It’s got that raw, edgy feel that resonates with any strum of Shakey’s guitar. This joint has seen the sweat and soul of many a great artist and come September, we're adding our beloved Shakey Graves to that esteemed list!

Ace of Spades ain’t just about the ambience though, it sits in the heart of our beloved city, showing us she’s got spades of culture and passion. It's the place where art thrives and beats pulse, where the flair of Sacramento meets the rugged charm of Shakey – pure MAGIC!

SO, what're we waiting for?! This ain't no hokey-pokey folks, it’s a CALL TO ARMS. Grab your tickets NOW. 'Cause come September, Sacramento is gonna shake, rattle, and roll to the rhythm of Shakey Graves. It's more than a concert, it's an awakening! BE THERE! Let’s git 'er done!”

Shakey Graves at Ace of Spades

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