Sammy Johnson at Ace of Spades

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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Sammy Johnson

Alright, all you groove masters and rhythm chasers, hold onto your seats 'cuz the vibe is about to get REAL! We're stoked to share that the man, the myth, the legend – Sammy Freakin' Johnson – is set to rip apart the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California on December 16, 2023. This is THE CONCERT of the year you gotta be at if you're a fan of unreal, mind-blowing jams and soul-stirring beats.

Buckle up, baby, 'cuz this stop of Sammy's tour is no humdrum affair! This is the full-blown, electrifying experience – intense, raw, LIVE, soulful, and unapologetic! You'll be lapping up all the pulsating energy flowing off the stage while legendary anthems like 'Sleepwalker' and 'Don't Say Goodbye' rock your world.

So, don't be a tool and miss out! Grab your tickets before they fly off the shelf. It's Sammy Johnson, yo, his concerts sell faster than hot cakes on a cold day. So, what're you waiting for? Make a dash for it, bag your ticket to this insane roller-coaster of rhythmic ecstasy. Get ready to be engulfed in waves of unparalleled musical genius. This one’s gonna knock your socks off and leave ya wanting more. Sammy-J is COMING SOON, and nothing else matters. It's time to lose yourself in the power of MUSIC!

Boy oh boy, music fans, get ready to pop your tops and bust your boots! The monstrously melodic maestro, Sammy Johnson, is ready to sweep the skies in SacTown, dudes and dudettes. December 16, 2023, will be the date the Ace of Spades marks on its wall of legendary gigs!

Are you psyched or are you hyped? No better way to bid adieu to an epic year than a Sammy Johnson concert. The vocal MAGIC of this virtuoso is as much a drink for the soul as it is a treat for the ears. His rhythm sweeps your heart into a wild cosmic jig. His tunes? ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. You're not touring with Johnson; you're soaring with him. This gig ain't one for your commonplace calender, pals, it's an appointment with celestial harmonies.

Hold onto your hats ‘cos this is gonna be a ride. That talent-rich voice spinning stories of love, loss, and life lessons will have you swaying with the rhythm and hugging strangers. FEELS GALORE!

Sammy Jo's got the tunes, the tales, and the talent. Brother man's got notes that flow smoother than molten silver but bring the thunder like a storm at sea. DAMN straight, he's the king of the Concertverse. The Archduke of Auditory Awe! Serving unforgettable performances, just like when he snagged that prestigious Music Award for his groundbreaking album. Sammy's got the chops.

Prepare for EAR-gasms, folks, 'cos this music maestro's gonna leave you shook, rattled and rolled like a runaway freight train!

Sammy's show is going down at The Ace of Spades. It ain't any hum-drum venue, no sir! It's the rockin'-est stage in the centre of Sacramento. A place where legends are born, where music’s crème de la crème toss killer tunes around like confetti. This joint’s got history, LIVING PROOF music is the backbone of this city.

Its intimate settings and sizzling acoustics make it the perfect hotbed for LIVE music experiences. Feel artists’ vibrations, their blood, sweat, and tears. It’s PURE MAGIC. The Ace is the nexus of music and harmony, the playground for the movers and shakers, the maestros and the virtuosos.

Alright, gig gang. No more yapping, it's time for action. Quitting ain't an option. No ‘if's, no 'but's, only beats and ruts. Crank up your calendars for the Sammy Johnson tour. Grab those tickets NOW! No ticking around, move! Feel the beat, LIVE the BEAT! See you on the dance floor, fam. Let's mash old Sammy and turn Sacramento into Musicville! Let's DO IT! You, me, Sammy, in the heart of sound at the Ace. Are you in or what?

Sammy Johnson at Ace of Spades

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