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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California


Hey y'all, MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The boss of rap, the mad king himself, Prof is all set to light up the Ace of Spades stage in Sacramento, CA on September 29, 2023! Listen up- this ain't just another evening, this is the CONCERT of the YEAR!

We're talking all the hits, ALL of them- from "Bar Breaker" to "Gasoline". The energy is gonna be ENORMOUS, as Prof brings his wild stage antics and LIT rhymes to the heart of California! The atmosphere is gonna be ELECTRIC, folks! You'll feel every beat, every rhyme, and every groove coursing through your veins. This ain't just a concert, it’s an whole dang EXPERIENCE!

His TOUR has been sellin' out faster than hotcakes all over, so you’ve gotta be QUICK! Run, don't walk — snap up those TICKETS quick as a jiffy, before they're all gone. This ain't somethin' to be missed, fam! Prof's got something special brewin', and trust us when we say, you’re gonna wanna be there when it HITS!

Get ready for a night of mad tunes, crazy energy and off-the-charts HYPE! Prof at Ace of Spades – it’s gonna be a NIGHT TO REMEMBER! Let's get the Prof party started, Sacramento. Let’s MAKE SOME NOISE!

Ya heard it here first, fam! Sactown is about to get LIT, cuz the HIP-HOP MAESTRO y’all been yearnin’, hollerin’, and jammin’ to is hittin' our way! PROF, the hard-hitting emcee from Minnesota, straight spittin' fire and tropes, is TOURING, and doing us all an honor by dropping bars right here at the Ace of Spades on the outrageous 29th of September, 2023.

This ain't no regular CONCERT peeps! It's the sovereign union of gritty words, pulsing beats, and raw passion that can only come from a true performer like the word wizard, Prof. Remember how he stole the show at Soundset, proving he ain’t just dope in the studio but a BEAST on stage too? Bet this Concert is gonna be just the same—totally off the rails!

Remember his hit track “Bar Breaker?” Yeah...THAT. On REPEAT. There’ll be rhymes flowing faster than the Sacramento River, and beats drop harder than the gold rush. Those TICKETS are worth more than gold, fam! Prof’s tour ain’t just some ordinary’s a deep dive into the abyss of lyrical dynamism, but be warned—ain’t no lifeguards in this dive.

The menacingly handsome fellow is notoriously known for his uninhibited flow and untamed antics on stage. Expect da roof to pop! The aura— ELECTRIFYING. The thrill—UNIMAGINABLE. THE ENERGY—EXTRAORDINARY. Seriously, we ain’t jokin’ when we say you’d better buckle up!

Ah, and here's the kicker, y'all. The concert’s gonna be at the ACE OF SPADES, the bee's knees of live entertainment spots in the heart of Sacramento! The venue’s infamous for roping in the finest, edgiest talent from around the globe, and trust me, this historic pitstop delivers where it counts—with the vibes. Think the best sound system to pump out every single verse clear as day, top-tier libations to keep your spirits up n’ bouncing, and an electrifying crowd to share that quintessential concert feel. We talking an epic night in the making!

Now unless you got plans to sit home watching reruns of 'Friends', getting your hands on these tickets should be your sole motto, homies. Miss out on this and you'll have one FIRE event missing from your life’s timeline. Remember, this gig don’t happen every day.

So, set your calendars, save up those Benjamins and get yourselves prepared. This ain’t just any concert—it’s PROF in Sacramento at the Ace of Spades. GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW! Don’t snooze on the best part of 2023!

Prof at Ace of Spades

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