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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Nate Smith

CALLING ALL MUSIC LOVERS! Nate Smith, king of the beat and jazz extraordinaire, will be hitting up Sacramento’s FAVOURITE music spot, the Ace of Spades on February 17, 2024. Expect an intoxicating mix of his rhythmic GENIUS and the stunning IMPACT of live music - it’s music therapy at its absolute finest. There’s NO BETTER FEELING than the raw energy of Nate drumming out his iconic hits - “Pocket Change,” “Skip Step,” and “Pages” - trust us, experiencing this LIVE is a whole other LEVEL! This ain’t your standard, sit-in-your-seat kind of night. Prepare to feel the rhythm course through your veins and MOVE every piece of ya! So, Sacramento, skip the usual Netflix night, grab your mates and make some INCREDIBLE memories! Hurry, because TICKETS will SELL OUT FAST – secure your place in the crowd and catch every beat of this ONE NIGHT ONLY concert. Don’t sleep on this – get on board the Nate Smith EXPRESS now and LET'S FEEL THE BEAT together!

Hey there, music lovers! It's time to mark your calendars, because one of the most sensational talents in the music industry - the one and only Nate Smith - is about to set the stage on fire at the ace venue, Ace of Spades, in Sacramento, California! This epic musical revelry is scheduled to roll your world on February 17, 2024. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to groove and sway to the mesmerizing tunes of jazz fusion!

Seeing Nate Smith live isn't just a concert, it's an experience. Imagine a room pulsing with passion, the kind of energy you can almost touch. Picture yourself lost in a wave of syncopated rhythms, the songs you love given a new life by the pulsing heart of a live band. The set list is a secret – it always is – but you can expects layers of blissful jazz rhythms to exploratory R&B tunes. Yeah, it's gunna be ‘that’ kind of night.

About Nate Smith

Allow me a moment to introduce Nate Smith, an artist who can alter the mood of a crowd with just one beat of his drums! Nate is a Grammy-nominated musician and a renowned name in the Jazz world. With his remarkable musical skills, he transitioned from a hidden treasure of the underground music scene to a globally praised artist.

This drumming virtuoso puts on a live show that is nothing less than hypnotic. He tends to infuse his captivating rhythms and complex melodies with an undeniable charm and signature infectious energy. And let me tell you this, once you witness his lightning-fast beats and the fluidity of his performance, you'll be mesmerized for life.

Ace of Spades Information

The concert is being hosted at the famous Ace of Spades venue. Nestled in the heart of Sacramento, this gem of a location is known for its up-close and personal entertainment experience. From the electrifying atmosphere to the unbeatable acoustics, every thread in the fabric of this venue screams ‘iconic’.

Teeming with character and packed to the hilt with charm, this premier spot often houses a variety of star-studded events. So brace yourselves for an unforgettable night filled with pulsating rhythms and enchanting melodies at the Ace of Spades this February!

Ticket Information

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Nate Smith at Ace of Spades

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