Max & Iggor Cavalera at Ace of Spades

Max & Iggor Cavalera Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Experience the electrifying and once-in-a-lifetime MAX & IGGOR CAVALERA concert at Ace of Spades on October 14th, 2023! Join the iconic brothers as they unleash their fiery blend of thrash metal and groove metal on the crowd for an unforgettable night of pure chaos and power.

Feel the ENERGY of MAX & IGGOR CAVALERA as they take over the stage and blaze through all of their timeless classics like "Refuse/Resist," "Roots Bloody Roots," and "Attitude!" Immerse yourself in the thunderous drums, innovative guitar riffs, and unmatched stage atmosphere as the Cavalera brothers hit the stage and EXPLODE with energy that will have the crowd headbanging into the night.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the greatness of a live MAX & IGGOR CAVALERA concert on October 14th! See you at Ace of Spades and let the memories last forever!

Max & Iggor Cavalera at Ace of Spades

Rock's Royalty, MAX & IGGOR CAVALERA, is coming to Sacramento's legendary Ace of Spades! The members of this influential and award-winning duo are widely regarded as two of the most innovative, creative forces in the hard rock and metal genres. Yet, their roots remain firmly inside the thundering, tribal grooves of Brazilian metal, a sound that has proven to be as timeless as the brothers themselves.

Since they stormed the scene in 1988 with their band Sepultura, Max & Iggor have continued to show their creative capacities. After their 2006 album DARRYL, they went on to perform an array of epic shows, and churned out some of the most unforgettable songs that have blessed the metal and music scene. Songs like 'ROOTS BLOODY ROOTS', 'ARISE', and 'REFUSE/RESIST', are sure to be Metallers favorites as they come to life during this exclusive, intimate show.

The fact that their genre-defying tunes are being performed at Ace of Spades is one that is not to be taken lightly. This venue has brought in some of the biggest names in Music for the past 15 years, dazzling and delighting fans with top-notch sound quality, perfect lighting and the incredible thrill of being a part of the show.

For all fans of metal and hard rock, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see two of the genre's biggest names LIVE. Join us at Ace of Spades on a journey of metal and Brazilian rhythms that are sure to get your blood pumping and your body rocking! Don't miss this chance to catch a legendary performance and be part of "The Brotherhood of the Snake," grab your tickets while they last!

Max & Iggor Cavalera at Ace of Spades

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