Marc E. Bassy [CANCELLED] at Ace of Spades

Marc E. Bassy [CANCELLED] Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

EVENT CANCELLED. Please contact your ticket point of purchase to claim a refund on your tickets.

Marc E. Bassy [CANCELLED]

Alright Y'all, this ain't no Drill! Clear your schedule for October 3, 2023, cause the killer Marc E. Bassy is gonna take the stage at the epic Ace of Spades in good ol' Sacramento, California! Groovy? Crystal clear. It's time to break out your best gear, snag those TICKETS, round the squad and get ready to vibe out!

This isn't just another blow-off concert. Nah, this is the TOUR! This dude's dropping some of the smoothest tunes that you’ll remember ‘til your rocking chair days. Remember "You and Me"? That catchy track that had us all blessing our local radio DJs? Yeah, you’re about to witness that magic LIVE.

This is a call to get amped up! Kick back, let loose, dance it out or sway to the rhythm. However you roll, it's all about the EXPERIENCE; that potent, heady rush of shared energy, laser lights cutting the haze, and thumping bass that shakes your bones. This isn't about watching through your tiny phone screen. No, this is about catching those raw, heart-thumping moments in full HD, in real-time.

So, don't just jam alone in your car, come and feel the excitement of the space, hear the roar of the crowd, and savor the collective anticipation as the lights dim just before the first chord strikes.

JOIN the Marc E. Bassy Tour! Get your TICKETS now and immerse yourself in the authentic concert experience that will echo in your memory long after the night ends.

P.S. Latecomers, beware! Those TICKETS are selling like hotcakes! Scoop one up NOW, or risk massive FOMO!

Drop everything, groovelords and hip cats, because Mr. Music himself – Marc E. Bassy – is bringing his singular, wistful sound down to the sunset coast this October. It’s time to break out your raddest threads and saddle up for a night that’s gonna burn a neon hole in your memory like a high-voltage flashback torn straight from an 80s flick.

His songs – pure honey, dripping off the tongue. They hit you in the FEELS, amping up the voltage on your nerve-endings and making your heart hum like a vintage stereo. Get ready to be swept off your feet and onto the cloud nine express. His concert, it's an experience, and if you've been living under some rock, SHAME! Brother man's got a tour coming up that's got Ticketmaster beaming and fans drooling.

Sacramento, California, you’re the lucky host; the city is all set to be the eye of the musical storm! Watch out October 3rd, 2023 – the streets of Sactown are about to be painted with an indie-pop fresco the likes of you've never seen.

His awards? Just the cherry on top of the cake – his music speaks for itself. The critics ate up his tracks like candy and the public? They just can't get enough. Bet your bottom dollar Marc and his band will bring down the house with their pure, unadulterated passion. Energy. Soul. That’s our man.

Ace of Spades, widely renowned for their mind-bending acoustics and superb atmosphere, is the battlefield chosen for this musical feud. Sweaty bodies. Wild energy. One voice. Bathed in the neon glow, their gritty stage has been graced by countless big names, building a reputation hard to beat. They’ve got the whole package – killer sound, on-point lighting, and more soul than a Baptist church.

This is no homespun village meet – this is the BIG leagues, baby! The place to be! Blow off the cobwebs. Leave your inhibitions at the door. Get ready to body roll your troubles away.

Don’t be a wallflower. Life’s short, and regret’s a kicker. If words were tickets, everybody and their mom would've bought one by now. Be the game changer, step out that comfort zone and step into the groove. You don't want to be watching Insta Stories of this concert from your couch, right?

GRAB YOUR TICKETS NOW. Be there, or be square, folks. The Marc E. Bassy tour awaits. Let the good times roll!

Marc E. Bassy [CANCELLED] at Ace of Spades

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