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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Mahalia - Artist

SACRAMENTO, get ready to BE MOVED. The prodigious Mahalia is set to serenade Ace of Spades this February 24, 2024! Imagine the light dimming, the crowd hushing, then the first strains of the soulful artist filling the air. Experiencing her LIVE melodies is said to elate the senses and strike a chord deep within your SOUL. Her hits like "Sober" and "Simmer" have touched millions.

Her heart-wrenching ballads will transport you, leaving you humming all the way home. The rush, the thrill, the unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Witness the magic, the artistry; a performative storytelling like no other. Mahalia's vocals entwining through the echoes of her past hits to the present, creating a medley of emotive journey.

Don't miss your chance to witness MUSIC personified! It’s more than a concert. It’s Mahalia LIVE, raw, unfiltered, truly ICONIC. Don’t let this boat sail without you. Grab your tickets NOW. Make memories. Because music is the essence of life, so why not experience it LIVE with Mahalia? Be there or be square. ACT FAST!

Good news, folks! There's bound to be a magical night in Sacramento, California, come February 24, 2024. Get prepared for an evening of soul-stirring melodies, infectious rhythms, and impassioned performances at our beloved Ace of Spades, as we welcome the sensational talent that is Mahalia. The essence of her live shows are known for hitting right in the feels of fans whilst putting them in awe. Based on the heart-tugging genre that Mahalia chases, you should expect to feel every lyric whilst swaying to the soothing melody.

This isn't your average pop concert, folks. Mahalia shows are known for their intimate atmosphere, where audiences get to experience an authentic emotional journey, together with the artist herself. So buckle up to witness the magic that only live music can spark!

About Mahalia - Artist

Soul, depth, passion, and sheer talent—these are the few words that truly encapsulate Mahalia, the artist who is taking the world by storm. With her soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, Mahalia has captivated audiences worldwide. Her unique brand of emotive R&B has earned her a deserved place amongst the most promising artists of her generation, and she shows no sign of slowing down.

Nobody leaves a Mahalia show unmoved. With her award-winning tunes, each concert is an emotional roller coaster set against a backdrop of stunning vocal performances. Can we talk about her litany of achievements? They include a nomination for the “Best Female Solo Artist” at the prestigious BRIT Awards and her latest album, Love and Compromise, being hailed as a “masterpiece of modern soul.”

Ace of Spades Information

Ace of Spades is not just a regular venue. Located in the heart of Sacramento, California, this iconic spot has long been considered a temple of cult concerts. Its reputation precedes itself, and it's renowned for the electric atmosphere it creates for concerts, giving fans the ultimate live music experience.

The site offers much more than just its vibrant setting, though. Ace of Spades' ingenious design ensures there's never a bad view of the stage. The exceptional acoustics, intimate setting - that accommodates up to 1000 enthusiastic fans - and well-stocked bars all contribute to an unforgettable night-out.

Ticket Information

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But hey, don’t wait around! This gig is going to be the talk of the town, and tickets are expected to be sold out quickly.

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So what’s the hold-up? It's Mahalia. It's Ace of Spades. It's gonna be one of the most phenomenal nights of your life. Do not miss this heartfelt performance; go grab your tickets at Ticket Squeeze now! Live in the moment, sing along, and let Mahalia melt your heart with her enchanting artistry.

Mahalia - Artist at Ace of Spades

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