Magic City Hippies at Ace of Spades

Magic City Hippies Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Magic City Hippies

READY UP, Sacramento! Amp up those vibes 'cos Magic City Hippies are COMIN' HOT to Ace of Spades on February 20, 2024! It's your golden chance to SCORE TICKETS for a concert that's gonna be pure FIRE! Dust off those dancing kicks, my friends, cuz this is one tour stop you DON'T wanna miss.

Get stoked to groove to the intoxicating beats ERUPTING from this phenomenal band. Imagine vibing to “Fanfare” live. That’s right, we're talking that heart-thumping, soul-rocking, and mind-blowing track that soared across the charts! Expect electric synths, rousing rhythms, and hypnotic hooks that’ll sling you into a world of dizzying euphoria.

Picture being drowned in that sea of swaying bodies and glowing faces... feels RAD, don't it? Experience that communal rush as every single soul in the crowd sings along to "Limestone," another of their greatest hits.

You ready to ride this wave? 'Course you are. Remember - Concert. Ace of Spades. February 20. Magic City Hippies. Saved the date yet? Good. 'Cause this ain't just a gig, folks, it's a MOVEMENT. So, buckle up, hold tight, and join us in the joyous jam of the year! This TOUR stop's not just a show, it’s a celebration of all things MUSICAL-MAGIC.

See ya on the dance floor, hippies!

BAM! Just when you thought your gig calendar was looking a little barren, in steps our ultimate jam masters, the Magic City Hippies! ROLL UP, peeps of Sacramento, California! They're bringing their stunning melodies, groovy vibes, and BANGING gig to Ace of Spades on February 20, 2024. This concert is gonna sweep you off your feet. No cap, dudes.

Need a ticket? Well giddy-up, buttercups! Strap in for the concert event of the decade. A non-stop tour de bronco bucking raw rhythm and soul. The Magic City Hippies know how to throw it down and get everyone moving. We're talkin' full-on electropop magic, indie funk wizardry, and hip-hop beats that'll make your heart THUMP.

This ain't their first rodeo. They've been wowing crowds all over. You'll be talking about THIS gig until the cows come home. Not just another stop on their tour, it’s THE event of ‘24. Packed full of stellar showmanship, award-nominated grooves, and energy you can only get from people who truly love what they do.

“We're here to party," they say. Are you ready?

Ace of Spades venue. It’s a legend. An icon. Raw and real, it offers a sense of intimacy you won't find anywhere else in Sacramento. Keeping it old school, with its brick façade and killer acoustics, this place seeps musical history from every pore. It’s got that gritty, heart-thumping essence only a rock music temple could exude. Remember that epic night when superstar Foo Fighters rattled its walls? Yeah baby, THAT Ace of Spades.

Get ready to stamp your feet on that historic floor, taste the exhilaration vibrating through those same, sacred rafters. Their drinks? Killer. Served quicker than a speeding riff, leaving you "shaken, not stirred", refreshed, and ready to ROCK.

So, what you waiting for, Sacramento? THIS. IS. IT. The Magic City Hippies. In the flesh and sparklin' more than a disco ball at midnight. We want you to be a part of this electrifying ride.

Get off the couch. TAKE ACTION. Buy the ticket, take the ride, and jump into the gig that is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. Don’t miss out - because trust us, FOMO’s a real kicker. Let's keep that music thrumming through the veins of Sacramento. Book NOW, thank us later.

Magic City Hippies at Ace of Spades

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