Little Stranger & DENM at Ace of Spades

Little Stranger & DENM Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Little Stranger & DENM

WHAM BAM! Yo, homies, gather round! Ace of Spades, Sacramento’s illest concert joint, is bringing the noise on February 10, 2024, with the raddest show under the sun – Little Stranger & DENM tour! Mic drops, lights pop, feel the SNAP, CRACKLE, and POP!

Snag your ticket to the BIGGEST throwdown. We're talking wordplay wizards and beat butchers, Little Stranger. You remember their greatest hits "Sing It High" and "Bag Full of Money"? Yeah, that's them! BOOM! It's like hip-hop smacked rock 'n roll, totally gnarly!

Then we got DENM - oh, SNAP! The sound wizard who’s responsible for massive earworms like "Underneath," the kind of tune that’ll make you Spring-steen down the aisle like you're in '84.

This ain't no basic concert, dudes and dudettes. This tour promises a 100% adrenaline surge. Lights splashing like paint on a canvas, artists spitting fiery lyrics, fans singing in harmonious discord - it's a real-life Renoir of sound and energy.

EVERY moment, every scream, every beat is part of the live show experience. You’ll walk out dazed, head buzzing and eardrums still echoing these icons' anthems. The song of your soul will be rewritten.

So, snap up your TICKET to the mega-jam of 2024. You'll reminisce about it with a tear in your eye, a smile on your face and, a beat in your heart. Don't just be a wallflower, be part of the groove, the sway, the ROCK ‘n ROLL. It will be LIT!

Hey, music fanatics! Buckle up, 'cos something INSANELY electric is about to drop in Sacto’s live music scene! Are you ready to ride the wave of astounding rhythm and high-voltage melodies? Brace yourselves because the totally chill yet furiously passionate duo of Little Stranger & DENM is all geared up to rock the iconic Ace of Spades on February 10th, 2024! Yeah, you heard right, dudes and dudettes!

Get your tickets RIGHT NOW for this historic concert because they'll be hotter than a California beach at high noon. Remember, folks, you snooze, you lose! This tour promises an in-your-face, soul-shaking sonic experience that'll vibrate your very being. As the wild, electro-alternative melodies of DENM collide with the living, breathing, visceral beats of Little Stranger, your soul's gonna dance and your heart's gonna explode with JOY. Guaranteed feel-good vibes, folks!

Little Stranger, fresh as ever and hotter than dragon fire, are storming onto the stage with their unique blend of hip-hop and indie pop. Voted "Best Hip-Hop Act" in their hometown, these guys know how to raise the temperature! DENM, the total surf-goth maestro, promises to deliver tantalizing tunes that’d make the waves crash harder. A fusion of beachy vibes and deep, haunting melodies—just the kind of paradoxical cocktail your music-loving soul thirsts for!

Flashback to any live show of theirs, and I guarantee you, it's pure MAGIC. The energy, the electricity, the unity — all condensed into a beautiful cosmic chaos that leaves your soul craving for more. And let's not forget the venue because, well, it's a LEGEND itself!

Ace of Spades, the epitome of classic Californian grandeur, offers a sensory experience you honestly can't forget! This ain’t just a concert venue, folks, it’s a cultural symbol, a testimony to Sacramento’s indomitable spirit, and the cradle of countless dreams. With its powerful acoustics, intimate stage, and electrifying atmosphere, Ace of Spades promises to turn this concert into a life moment, etched forever in your memories. The magic that these walls emanate will make you feel the music in your bones!

So, are you ready to dive into this whirlwind of rhythm, beats, and euphoria with Little Stranger & DENM at the Ace of Spades? Let the music guide your soul, let the rhythm set you free!

Go on now, get those HOT tickets before they're gone baby, GONE! Let's make February 10, 2024, a night of incredible music and unforgettable memories. 'Cos dudes and dudettes, the best of the west is yet to come, LET'S ROCK!

Little Stranger & DENM at Ace of Spades

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