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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Hot Mulligan

HEY THERE, music junkies! Get stoked for the HOTTEST gig this year: Hot Mulligan is hitting the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California on December 6, 2023. This is THE concert you don't want to miss, the TOUR that's got everyone hyped!

Secure your ticket – because this one’s gonna be a sell-out, no doubt. Haven't heard of 'em? Dude, these guys are the alchemists of emo and pop-punk, turning every beat into gold. Can you resist a night pulsating with raw energy, hair-flipping vibes, and tunes that'll make your heart beat in rhythm? Nope, didn't think so!

Brace yourselves for a LIVE show experience as Hot Mulligan belts out their greatest hits. "Equip Sunglasses" and "Feal Like Crab", anyone? Talk about bangers! Witness the frenzy, feel the crazy euphoria of the crowd, and immerse yourself in music that hits your soul right where it counts.

Grab your TICKET now, ‘cause every punk heart in Sacramento will be at Ace of Spades when Hot Mulligan sets the stage on fire! Until then, keep the countdown ringing in your ears, and prepare for a night that you'll remember FOREVER. You won't just witness a concert, pals, you'll live a memory. GET HYPED!

Listen up, my dudes and dudettes! Brace yourselves - Sactown is about to get ROARING like never before on December 6, 2023, because Hot Mulligan is headed straight for us! Can we all just pause for a moment and let that sink in? Yeah, THE Hot Mulligan - those trailblazing hometown heroes of the pop-punk scene - are coming to Sacramento's Ace of Spades. The place will be BUZZING.

Imagine standing at the doorstep of musical NIRVANA. Picture yourself in the midst of the crowd, being swept away by the spectacular sight of guitars ablaze under searing spotlights. That's not just a random Concert guys, that's a Hot Mulligan show! A face-melting, life-altering Tour that's gonna knock your socks off and leave you BEGGING for an encore.

This band - they don't do "mellow". Their tunes are straight FIRE, man. Go on YouTube. Hit up their tracks. 'Feal Like Crab' doesn't just make you feel like a crustacean, it gets under your skin, and makes your heart hammer in rhythm. You could almost swear it's chatting straight to your confounding emotions. You get the gist, right?

Now imagine all that on a live stage. Gear shift from epic to LEGENDARY real quick.

Speaking of the legendary, let’s get down to Ace of Spades, the venue that’s got as much character as the bands it hosts. Nestled in the heart of Sacramento, this joint is an intimate music shrine that’s seen more headbanging nights than your brain can comprehend. This ain't no mainstream, watered-down concert hall. This joint screams AUTHENTICITY with neon glaring lights. Big enough to get lost within the sea of kindred spirits, but small enough to feel the band’s vibe radiating through every brick.

Ace of Spades is where the magic happens, where the air is woven with infectious rhythms and euphoric screams. Offering a massive spread of beverage options and a killer sound system that makes every chord vibrate through your being, this venue is often labeled with the epic tag "FOREVER ROCKING".

So let's kick it on December 6 with Hot Mulligan, absorb the venue's unstoppable energy, lose ourselves to the moshpit madness, and make memories that will echo in the alleyways of our minds for years to come.

Don’t be a buzzkill though. Be there or be square! Get your hands on those tickets before they’re hotter than a nickel ball dropped in water. Let's make it the kind of night legends are birthed from, and the kind of night Hot Mulligan deserves. Beat the crowd, nab that Ticket and strap yourselves in for a transcendental musical ride – it's gonna be GROUNDBREAKING! The countdown has begun! TICKETS ON SALE NOW – Don’t miss it! Be a part of the phenomenon, be a part of the Hot Mulligan Tour!

Hot Mulligan at Ace of Spades

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