Gasolina Party at Ace of Spades

Gasolina Party Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Make your summer sizzle with the Gasolina Party at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California on June 3, 2023! This epic party concert will be nothing short of LIT as the Latin-reggaeton kings showcase all their HITS! Attendees will be mesmerized by the rhythms and beats of this musical maestros with their reggaeton, trap and hip hop blend. No other party concert comes close to the EXPLOSIVE energy of this massive celebration!

Calling all Gasolina fans! Immerse yourself in the energy of their live concert experience! Lose yourself in daisy-cutters and pop-lockers as the dynamism and power of the music unite us all. Feel the irresistible BOOM as the concert takes over your senses! Join the members of Gasolina for a unique performance that's sure to ramp up the summer party.

So don't miss out on the immense excitement of Gasolina Party at Ace of Spades on June 3, 2023! It's sure to be the SUMMER EVENT OF THE YEAR – a cacophony of sounds, grooves and vibration. Get your tickets now and join us for the ride!

Gasolina Party at Ace of Spades

Are you ready to attend the most heated and energetic concert of the year in Sacramento, California? Then you won't want to miss out on the incredible Gasolina Party at Ace of Spades! The perfect way to celebrate the summer season, this one-of-a-kind LIVE show will feature a hot lineup of your all-time favorite Latin urban hits and some of the best Latinx artists in the music industry.

Experience the ULTIMATE, immersive concert experience and get into the nonstop groove with award-winning artist Maluma, Cardi B, J Balvin, Ozuna, and more. Hear their greatest hits live and have the time of your life with their infectious rhythms and tambor beats. You won't be able to stay still for a minute – come join the liveliest party in the city and DANCE YOUR HEART OUT!

Not only will you get to shake it on the dance floor, you'll also be able to wave your flags high and proud in support of Latinx solidarity. Feel the triumphant energy and vibe coming from all around the lovely venue, Ace of Spades in Sacramento, and make sure to take it all in.

It's the hottest party of the year – don't miss out and get your tickets to the Gasolina Party now! With its amazing line-up and soul-shaking vibes, this high-octane show will make sure you dance the night away.

SO GET READY, GET HYPED & BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! Bring your friends and loved ones, and join in the electrifying Gasolina Party at Ace of Spades in Sacramento this summer. #LivetheGASOLINAFEELING THIS. IS. IT.

Gasolina Party at Ace of Spades

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