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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

El Tri

Folks, it's about to GO DOWN! Our beloved El Tri is bringing their unplugged, off-the-chain vibes to our humble town of Sacramento, California baby! That's right, dust off your dancing shoes and prep your concert-going spirits because the legendary El Tri is coming to electrify the ace “Ace of Spades” on October 15, 2023.

This ain't just any jam session, it's the El Tri CONCERT TOUR! The absolute must-see event of the year, if you ask any self-respecting music aficionado. Brace yourself for an avalanche of soul-stirring tunes, and spine-tingling electric performances that will make your heart race and spirits soar higher than an eagle on a wind tide.

Like, who wouldn't want to lose themselves into the atmospherics of their greatest hits in the flesh? It's your golden chance to experience the live sonic blowout of "Triste Cancion" or to ride on the pulsating waves of the ever-famous "Pobre Soñador".

Now here's the clincher - TICKETS are selling like wildfire. The good news? You can still get your hands on one but you gotta act FAST AND FURIOUS. Hit up your mates, grab that ticket - the golden gate to an enchanted musical wonderland, where you can let loose and go cray with the anthems of our generation.

Don’t just hear about the LEGENDARY El Tri performance, grab them tickets and live it up. So, what are y’all waiting for? Join the El Tri tour and be part of the ROCK REVOLUTION. The best gig of your life is just a ticket away! Let's make some noise SACRAMENTO!

Get STOKED my Sac-Town amigos, the legends of the rock en Español scene, El Tri are blasting into the City of Trees! Mark your calendars, clear your schedules, dust off your denim jackets, and start nurturing that concert high because October 15, 2023, is gonna be LIT AF!

Don't snooze on this, chicos and chicas! El Tri, Mexico's biggest and most badass rock band, is bringing their instant classic anthems and multi-generational hits to our very own Ace of Spades — arguably the coolest, liveliest spot in all Sacramento! Set those alarms, peeps! This concert is going to deliver BIG time.

Es LA GIRA, folks! El Tri's Tour is finally here, serving up some serious nostalgia to the die-hard fans and an unparalleled musical experience to the newbies. The band that has dominated the scene for over five freakin' decades! We're talking a 50+-year career decorated with gold, platinum, and multiple Latin Grammy nods. They've got the hits. They've got the swagger. They've got the TOUR.

Packed houses? El Tri has seen 'em. Sold-out arenas? Been there, done that. But this isn't just about flashing around their stardom. It's about the high-octane energy they bring on stage, the pure, unfiltered passion for music, and of course, the connection with us—the FANS.

Your friendly neighborhood Ace of Spades is thrilled to play host to these rock gods. Located smack-dab in the heart of downtown Sacramento, the iconic venue oozes the exact kind of artistic ambience El Tri thrives in. You can almost taste the energy in the air!

Ace of Spades's reputation for offering the best in live performances ain't just hearsay. Unequaled acoustics, a stage that feels larger than life, and a well-stocked bar to keep the liquid courage flowing all night long. Indulge yourself with their food to fuel up for what's gonna be a non-stop, head-bangin', scream-the-lyrics kinda night.

Are you ready to kick it, Sacramento style? Are you ready for a night of frenzied guitars, intense drum beats, passionate vocals, and straight-from-the-heart lyrics that have defined El Tri's half-century career?

Well pals, it's GAME TIME! Tickets are SELLING FAST; you gotta MOVE YOUR BUTTS. You know the drill. Gather your tribe, click on that sweet “Buy Tickets” icon, and prepare to paint the town red with El Tri on October 15, 2023. Get those tickets NOW! El Tri tagged Sacramento on their tour map. Let’s make sure they never forget us!

El Tri at Ace of Spades

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