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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Dying Fetus

GET STOKED, FETUS FANS! Our favorite brutal death metal heroes, Dying Fetus, are back on TOUR, bringing the gnarliest show of the FALL. Sac-Town is about to get heavier than your mom's meatloaf when Dying Fetus drops the hammer at Ace of Spades on November 4, 2023. We guarantee it's gonna be a night of face-melting riffs, bone-crushing blast beats, and SOME HOT DAMN circle pits.

Can you picture it, already? The sweltering stage lights casting long shadows, the lethal precision of their live performance turning the venue into a sonic inferno? These dudes are NOTORIOUS for putting on hardcore, phenomenal live CONCERTS. It's a one-hell-of-a-ride experience you will not forget anytime soon.

Prepare to be sonically assaulted with their devastating greatest hits like"Aftermath", "From Womb to Waste" or "Reveling in the Abyss". You know you're not fully embracing the metalhead credo until you've had your ears blown out by a Dying Fetus live gig, dude. Grab your patch-laden denim vests, lace up your heaviest boots, and snatch up your TICKET now because they're selling quicker than hotcakes at a pancake festival. If there's a pit in your stomach that only the heaviest of heavy metal can satisfy, this show's for YOU.

So, get ready to thrash, mosh, and headbang 'til your neck hurts. It's time to go hard or go home, people! This is the Dying Fetus tour you've been dying (pun intended) for. Don't miss out, dudes and dudettes. So, do we see you at Ace of Spades? You better be there or be square. It’s Thunderdome time with Dying Fetus! It's gonna be MASSIVE!

OH MY METALLIC MAJESTY, hold on, dudes and dudettes – have you heard the BRUTAL news?! Buckle up, gearheads and moshers! On November 4, 2023, Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California is set to reverberate with the GLORIOUS, bone-shaking beats of Dying Fetus! SHRED-ONOMICAL!

The legends, central figures in DEATH METAL, are embarking on a monstrous US tour. This concert – it’s not just any gig – it’s an apocalyptic sound-storm descending upon Cali! Like a cascading wall of gore-infused metal mania, Dying Fetus will blow your minds and eardrums. So grab those tickets, STAT!

Hold on to your jammerinos folks!

These guys are no rookies in this deadly dance of deathcore annihilation. They’ve been annihilating the scene for three rip-roaring decades. Dying Fetus - the name alone EPITOMIZES transcendental brutality. Get pumped, because when they go beast-mode, it's a maelstrom of technical precision, lyrical savagery, and sheer unadulterated power!

An EXPLOSION awaits!

They’ve already claimed the mantle in the death metal arena with their EPs and albums - sparking a fever-intensity following in the underground scene. Not to mention, they’ve GRABBED numerous awards for staying true to their grind. Dying Fetus in concert – it’s a metal-head’s nirvana!

Sacramento! You ready?

And, what of the venue? Ace of Spades, berries! A venue SO legendary, it might as well be made of heavy metal itself! Situated in the heart of Sacramento, Ace of Spades has featured so many giants in the music industry that its walls practically hum with history and raw emotion. From its acoustics that can make even a whisper echo, to its intimate, pulsating energy, give it up for that crowd connection that’ll run CHILLS down your spine!

The Ace of Spades – it's Holy Ground!

Why should you miss out on this demonic extravaganza? You SHOULDN’T! Guns and roses folks, slay those doubts and grab those tickets. SACRAMENTO, brace for a sonic shockwave beyond comparison. Let’s lose ourselves in the mayhem - together! Let’s be a part of the defining moment in concert history.


There you have it, legends in the making! You’ve got the date, the time, the place. The ground is set, the stage is READY! Tickets are selling like CRAZY and the clock's ticking! Don’t suffer from Fear of Missing Out syndrome. Don’t you dare! Grab those tickets and get ready for a night of moshing MADNESS!

See you in the PIT!

Dying Fetus at Ace of Spades

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