Dirty Honey & Austin Meade at Ace of Spades

Dirty Honey & Austin Meade Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Dirty Honey & Austin Meade

Get ready to rock with Dirty Honey and Austin Meade in Sacramento, people! This is THE CONCERT you don't want to miss. These hellraisers are gracing the stage at Ace of Spades on October 19, 2023, and it's going to be a headbanging, air guitar-wielding extravaganza.

Grab your ticket pronto and get set to ride the face-melting wave of pure, unadulterated rock 'n’ roll. You remember that feeling, the absolute thrill of a live show, right? Ace of Spades ain’t your average gig venue either; this place is where rock gods set the vibe and the energy just, well it just POWERS through the rafters.

Dirty Honey’s powerful riffs and insane vocals, along with Austin Meade’s bad-ass country-infused rock will set the stage on FIRE. Remember Dirty Honey's epic hits like "When I'm Gone" and "Rolling 7s"? You'll be screaming along, yeah, we know you've been missing the magic of live music.

But, this ain't just about the nostalgia. These dudes are STILL RIP-ROARING through the world of rock, putting on a KILLER show. We’re talking the full package - unforgettable guitar solos, raspy vocals, and a crowd so pumped, you're gonna feel it in your BONES.

This is gonna be more than just a concert, it's a full-throttle, audio-visual joyride. Your love for good, pure, rock music? It ain’t going nowhere. It’s ready for this tour, ready for this show. So, don your band tee, dust off your devil horns and get yourselves ready for the gig of a lifetime, people. SEE YOU THERE!

Alright, rock n’ roll junkies, grease those chains and preheat your engines because we've got the melodic mayhem you’re thirsty for. The name of the game is Dirty Honey and Austin Meade. They’re slamming into Sacramento, California and turning the joint upside down. This ain't just another tour pitstop, this is THE CONCERT to blow your mind in ways few things can!

These cats aren’t just rocking – they’re redefining the genre, smashing out award-winning tunes with a groove that’ll swallow you whole. Dirty Honey, free-spirited misfits with a penchant for heart-pounding rock n' roll and sweet harmony. They are the first UNSIGNED band EVER to reach #1 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Chart. Talk about a trip!

And Austin Meade? This dude is straight-up stratospheric. He's got the power of a freight train and the finesse of a moonlit waltz. Artistry swimming in the depth of blues and marinated in the crunching riffs of rock – Meade knows how to command a scene, drawing you in with the sheer intensity of his offering.

Rolling Stone's up-and-coming artist to watch, Austin Meade is the real deal. He’s fanning the embers of bluesy rock, bringing the heat in full force. Music that flows through you. Hits the soul. Lights a FIRE.

Here's the deets – October 19, 2023. One night of sonic delirium as these rock crusaders take the stage at the fabled Ace of Spades.

This ain't no dingy dive bar, folks. The Ace of Spades is a looker. A pearl in the heart of Sac-Town. An intimate set-up with a legendary reputation, it hosts the raw, the unprocessed, the beasts of the scene. And with a killer sound system to amp up the vibe, this joint doesn’t just hold concerts, it crafts memories.

Beer flowing like a river, and a thunderstorm of sound – this is the Ace, baby! The choice venue of choice for those who love it LOUD and LIVE. Get ready for unparalleled sensation, as the bands take the stage pumping incandescent energy into every crevice of the room.

Don't snooze, because this shindig is not one to miss! Grab your TICKETS, pull up your boots, and let the rhythm lead you. Get ready to rock and roll in a blaze of glory with Dirty Honey and Austin Meade!

So what're you waiting for? Dive in, snap up those tickets, and get locked and loaded for an unforgettable night. THIS. IS. ROCK N' ROLL!

Dirty Honey & Austin Meade at Ace of Spades

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