Circle Jerks & Descendents at Ace of Spades

Circle Jerks & Descendents Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Circle Jerks & Descendents

Does Circle Jerks & Descendents get your senses going? We thought so! One of the premier alternative acts out there and you could watch live from the huge and excited crowd on the fall, 2023 tour! Hosted by the unsurpassed Ace of Spades on Sacramento, California on Friday 3rd November 2023, social media will be blowing up with excited attendees is your time to witness the greatness for real! Friday evening and you'll be in the best possible position for good vibes....that energy will be breathtaking! To secure your access for November just follow the 'get tickets' button you see just above!

Yo, punks and skate rats! Spiked hair, ripped jeans, and dirty sneakers are BACK IN TOWN! This ain't no snooze fest, we're throttling full speed into a MONSTER night of pure headbanging fury. Dude, it’s the Circle Jerks and Descendents, LIVE and LOUD at Ace of Spades in Sacramento this November 3, 2023!

Pitch those foamy lattes – we're serving straight shots of raw, adrenaline-infused PUNK ROCK. It's an intoxicating blend of circle slam anthems and skate punk unison, hot off their epic reunion TOUR. Legends, yo, LEGENDS! Dudes who've snatched up awards left and right, and whose records are the badges of honor for any self-respecting punk rocker.

Get ready for face-melting riffs that'll make your heart pound. Hear iconic anthems like "Wild in the Streets" rip through the air, coupled with the mighty roar of the crowd. How about jamming to the hard-hitting, fast-paced melodies of the Descendents? I didn't even touch the "I'm the One" vibes shaking the walls, bro!

And the venue, Ace of Spades! HOLY GUACAMOLE! Rated among Cali's top concert houses, this place is RAD. Tucked in the midst of Sacramento, Ace of Spades has seen its fair share of legends. It's got the history, bro, and it's your time to become a part of it. The joint radiates a raw, gritty energy that amps up every CONCERT.

Wanna mosh with the best fanbase in the world? DUH! Ace of Spades gives you that chance. Its gnarly ambiance puts you RIGHT THERE in the action. It's ALL about the music, the passion and getting lost in the rhythm - together.

So, what’s the 411? It's simple: EPIC STAGE, LEGENDARY BANDS, ONE UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT! This ain't your ordinary CONCERT, this is punk rock history.

BUT WAIT, there's more! We're not just talking loud music and stage dives. Nope. An Ace of Spades gig is always LIT. With killer acoustics and epic stage lighting, they've got the vibes set PERF! Add the rockin’ bar and HELLO?! No brainer, man!

Don’t sleep on your chance to be a part of punk rock history. Get amped, get ready to mosh, and GET THAT TICKET now. This ain’t about just having a good time, this is about making MEMORIES that last. So, what are you waiting for, brah? Ears need rocking, necks need snapping, and souls need slamming. Time to chuck those loosies, and LET'S GO! Don’t miss the moment when the Ace of Spades erupts with the raw power of the Circle Jerks and Descendents. How rad will that be? So READY. SET. GO GET YOUR TICKET!! Go make some memories, punk.

Circle Jerks & Descendents at Ace of Spades

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