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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California


Hey man, don’t be a chump and miss the gnarliest show in town! Buckethead, our guitar wizard du jour, is shredding his way across America on one helluva tour, and he's making a pit stop right here in Sacramento! We're talking about an EPIC concert, folks, at our very own Ace of Spades, on September 27, 2023. Whoa, déjà vu, right?

This ain't your average concert, peeps! Buckethead is more than a musician. He's an experience. His live shows are like living inside a firework display of guitar virtuosity. From "Soothsayer" to "Jordan”, the man's got riffs that'll blast you all the way back to grunge days. And let's not forget those funky robot dance moves - always a crowd-pleaser!

So why am I yammering on about this? Simple. The TICKETS are now ON SALE, dudes and dudettes, and they're selling like charity shop flannel. Grab yours pronto and guarantee your spot in the pit. You'll kick yourself if you miss this genius melodic mayhem - it’s time to get your nostalgia on!

This is not just another night, this is Buckethead - a flurry of riff-filled comets, crashing into your senses and leaving stardust in your soul. Come and be part of the RADDEST concert of 2023. Remember, everything else is just noise. Be there or be square - catch you in the mosh pit. Peace out.

Whoa, heads up, music fanatics! BUCKETHEAD is BACK on Tour and ready to set Sacramento on FIRE! This ain’t your grandmother’s knitting circle, we’re talking about the one-and-only Buckethead concert going down on September 27th, 2023 at the legendary Ace of Spades club! Did a wave of thrill just crash over your spine? Yeah, us too. Mark your calendars folks, this is a spectacle you’re going to want to soak up firsthand!

This ain’t just your typical guitar-wielding dude headlined show. Nah, we’re talking mind-melting, face-shredding, soul-lifting MAGIC. The dude’s fingers move like lightning bolts. Every pluck, every stroke, transporting you to otherworldly dimensions. One minute you're head-banging in the pit, next thing you know you're floating with unicorns on a pink cotton candy cloud. YES, it’s that intense.

Countless awards? Yup, he’s got 'em. Grammy nods, accolades from guitar mags, and a heap pile of respect from some top-dog musicians. Slash is a fan, Bootsy Collins called him “amazing,” and who are we to argue with those gods of rock? Right?

Now, let’s talk Ace of Spades. Situated in the heart of Sacramento, this venue ain’t no run-of-the-mill dive bar. This joint's been hostin' wild, wristbuzzin' gigs for years. Some of the biggest names in music have torn up this stage, leaving their soul sweat on the hardwood. Imagine this, you, your buddies, and a thunderous crowd, pooling under the glow of golden lights, for a night of epicness.

The club's got this intimate vibe, y'know? Pretty up close and personal. You won’t just hear the music, you’ll FEEL it, echoing through your bones, ricocheting in your chest cavity. Like an out-of-body experience that'll leave you mumbling, "WHOA, what just HAPPENED!?" The whole venue just pulses with RAW POWER, mate! The atmosphere? ELECTRIC, the acoustics? EPIC beyond words, and the drinks? Mmmhm, they hit just as hard as the music!

So, ARE YOU UP FOR IT, comrades? Ready to sink into the mystic realms with each mind-blowing Buckethead riff? Ready to let loose and become one with the pulsating bass, the hypnotic rhythm, the searing solos? Can you handle the bittersweet bliss of post-concert ringing ears?

Go, grab that ticket NOW. Seize the chance to witness greatness. Let’s make some memories and lose ourselves in the blissful chaos of the multiverse that is Buckethead!

Come join us at the Ace of Spades as we SCREAM, THRILL, and CHEER for the timeless, relentless, limit-pushing force that is BUCKETHEAD! BE THERE!

Buckethead at Ace of Spades

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