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Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California


Hold onto your hats, Gen Xers, because the KING of emotional-angst pop, brakence is taking over Sacramento’s Ace of Spades on November 20, 2023, and this is one concert you can't afford to MISS! Get ready to punch a ticket into a DOPE musical odyssey, rippling with raw emotion and RAD beats, dude. This tour's gonna be gnarly!

This ain't your average grown-up's concert. Heck, No! This is a full-throttle, tear-down-the-house TOUR de force of the most cathartic tunes that'll blur the line between "Where's the mosh pit?" and "Who chopped onions?". I'm talking about brakence's greatest hits like "fuckboy" and "dropout" played out to make your soul GROOVE and FEEL, all at the same time, man!

Get stoked for A TRIP down the rabbit hole of emotions, with a sprinkle of adolescent nostalgia. A brakence concert isn't just about the music, it's a journey. You don’t just hear the angsty refrains; you LIVE them.

So break out of the daily drudgery and nab your ticket fast. This ain’t a slow ride! Before you can say "What's the damage?" the tickets will be all GONE, baby, gone. The brakence tour hits Sacramento for one night only at the Ace of Spades, so if you want to see a different kind of magic, a different kind of concert, you’d better not linger. Totally tubular, right?

Let's get raw, let's get real, let's get stoked, and let's get those TICKETS. This is brakence. This is the concert of the year. Be there or be square, dudes and dudettes! You've been warned!

Yo fam, what's good?

Now listen up, peeps—it's time we spread some fire news that's gonna leave you shook! The one and only music wizard, brakence, is dropping his beat factory right on our doorstep! That's right folks, our beloved Ace of Spades spot in Sacramento, California is hosting this musical genius on November 20, 2023.

This ain’t no regular Monday, it’s a blast day! Clear your calendars and grab your tickets, y'all, 'cause Brakence's concert is a one-way ticket to Cloud Nine. Plus, it's part of his current blazing hot TOUR! Just imagine the dance-happy, music-filled, emotive vibes on the night. It's gonna be !epic!.

Every beat, every strum, every lyric—Brakence brings it all. Back-to-back chart-sweller, multiple-award nominee, this guy IS the real deal. You won’t just hear his beats; you’ll feel them. It's a concert that'll make your soul dance and your heartbeat sync to his rhythms. Feel the love, feel the beat, feel the vibe.

And about the venue? Ace of Spades - does it even need an intro? Known for turning every gig into a dopamine-soaked roll coaster. Pure MAGIC! Its reputation precedes itself. Oh, and let's not even get started on its killer light show and out-of-this-WORLD sound system. Just the kinda joint where the ambience, vibes, and audience turnout produces an LIT concert.

And Sacramento, the Sactown, the CITY of trees? Wowza! The location itself serving us the mood – cool, vibrant, and pulsating with energy. A place where creativity and culture intertwine, where music echoes through every street. It's the heartbeat of California, it's our heartbeat.


Don’t wait, don't snooze. This ain’t the time to chill. It’s the time to FEEL. Get ready for a night of music and memories that'll be etched into your soul. A chance to LIVE the concert experience, and not just witness it.

So here's your call to action, friends. Click that buy button, secure your tickets and join the wave. Don’t miss the CHANCE to experience the very best of what live music has to offer.

Let the beat drop, the songs play, and let brakence rock your world. Believe the HYPE, be there! We are the music, and the music is NOW!

Time to TURN UP!

brakence at Ace of Spades

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