Barbie Rave – A Barbie Inspired Rave at Ace of Spades

Barbie Rave - A Barbie Inspired Rave Tickets

Ace of Spades | Sacramento, California

Barbie Rave - A Barbie Inspired Rave

OMG! Listen up, y’all! On September 23, 2023, the hottest tour to dominate Sacramento is about to seriously POP OFF! We’re talking about the oh-so-glorious Barbie Rave - a Barbie Inspired Rave Concert, happening at the one-and-only Ace of Spades! YES, you heard it right!

Barbie fans, EDM obsessives, live music JUNKIES — UNITE! Do not let this ticket pass you by! It's not just a concert, babes, it's a lifestyle statement; an all-night EXTRAVAGANZA of glitter, neon, bubblegum beats and of course, all your favourite Barbie hits remixed and on steroids!

This is an unforgettable experience, dudes and dudettes, and it will put you in that venerable state of trance where your feet won’t stop bouncing, where the happy beats meet your heart halfway.

TICKETS are now up for grabs! This is your golden opportunity to be part of THE Barbie event of the decade! Get in on the mega fun and live the magic of a full-blown BARBIE RAVE!!

Remember, it's more than a concert. It's a TOUR de force of pure fun, hypnotic rhythms, and pink-on-pink action — celebrating Barbie's iconic status in the most high-energy way imaginable. Let's make this a night to remember...let's make this the BEST. DOLL. PARTY. EVER!!! Shake your ponytails and groove to the beats until dawn! Barbie Rave, here we come!!

OMG, can you even?! Get ready to fabulously feel the bass on your favourite pink stilettos and shimmy in your most shimmering sequins, party people! SAC-TOWN is steppin' up with a slammin' Concert of epic proportions! This is not a drill. Barbie Rave is making its glammed-out debut at our very own Ace of Spades on September 23, 2023! The Concert to END all concerts.

Mark your calendars, pull out those planners, tattoo the date on your palm if you must – because this is one tour you DO NOT want to give a miss. It's Barbie-meets-rave, can you think of ANYTHING more poppin'? Nope, didn't think so. It's like bubblegum popping in your mouth – tasty, sugary sweet, and so deliciously satisfying! Of course, it goes without saying that any self-respecting Barbie fan should be there. But even if you're not, come revel in the energy, the vibes, the sheer fantabulousness of it all. It's a spectacle for all senses, I promise.

Did you know that Barbie Rave was voted "The Most Innovative Live Act of 2023"? It’s ground-breaking, unapologetic, and all-out ICONIC! But hey, that’s not all, lovers. We're partying in style at Ace of Spades – the place universally hailed as a legend in the world of live music. Yeah, that’s right, babes!

Ace of Spades, the revered Sacramento institution known for hosting the most epic gigs this side of California, is all set to hit us right in the feels. Being in this iconic venue is like a spiritual experience – the way the acoustics caress your soul, the lights that hit just right, the atmosphere that’s always buzzing with exuberance. Simply put, Ace is THE place to be. Last time I visited felt like a transcendental hug from my departed goldfish. YES, it’s that moving.

But enough about that, the point is, Ace is nothing without YOU! Our venue, our city, our vibes thrive on your energy. Barbie Rave is kickin' in only a few months. So, what's the hold-up? GRAB YOUR TICKETS TODAY! The opener alone will have you shooketh!

The Ticket sale is LIVE right now and the clock is TICKING. Make sure you're part of this wild extravaganza! Unleash your inner Barbie and let's rage the night away. It's time to paint the town PINK. Are you ready? Then JOIN THE RAVE, darlings! Let's make it a night to remember.

Barbie Rave - A Barbie Inspired Rave at Ace of Spades

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